Discovered mysterious submarine of Nazi Germany

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Near the Danish coast found the German submarine U-3523 which, if you believe the conspiracy theorists, was carrying part of the leadership of the Third Reich in South America.

Обнаружена таинственная субмарина нацистской Германии

German submarine U-3523 found on the seabed just off the coast of Denmark. The submarine is ten nautical miles North of Skagen, located on the Northern tip of Jutland. The results of the scan of the seabed showed that the submarine lies at a depth of 123 meters. The latter complicates the access to the wreck. At the time of death of the submarine on Board were 58 members of the crew.

According to historians, the submarine may 6, 1945 sunk by British bombers B-24 Liberator when it was moving in the direction of Norway. Since the wreckage could be located, the history of the U-3523 has acquired a lot of myths on the possible escape of the leadership of Nazi Germany. Even claimed that on Board the submarines was Adolf Hitler himself.

Обнаружена таинственная субмарина нацистской Германии

Experts have always regarded such hypotheses with great scepticism. According to the head of the Danish Maritime Museum of the war of the Normann Andersen (Normann Andersen), the cause of the spread of rumors are the possibilities of the submarine. It should be noted that in comparison with their counterparts in those years these submarines like U-3523, could indeed have much longer to remain under water.

Despite the blatant speculative statements about the flight of the leaders of the Reich, the discovery of U-3523 is of great historical interest. The submarine belongs to the submarines of the type XXI. This, as already mentioned, revolutionary for its time, the ship, which had a huge influence on postwar submarine shipbuilding. In the period from 1943 to 1945 in the shipyards of Hamburg, Bremen and Danzig in the process of construction were 118 boats of this type. In the fighting took part only two.

Обнаружена таинственная субмарина нацистской Германии

Submarine type XXI / ©wikipedia

Recall that in 2017, the media said, near the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires found a cache, which found 75 artifacts of the Third Reich. Some of them probably belonged to the Nazi Fuhrer. Among other things, was found a bas-relief portrait of Hitler, knives, hourglass marking of the Third Reich, the statue of the eagle on the swastika and a box of children’s harmonicas.

Artifacts, however, also cannot be considered as proof that Hitler survived the Second world war. More details about says Russian historian, the chief researcher of Institute of Russian history of RAS Vasily Khristoforov.

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