Molebka anomalous zone, known as the Perm triangle

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«Strange and unexplained phenomena happen at the Molebka…», began one of his letters to the wife of a local industrialist in the distant 1789. It took two centuries, but the Perm anomalous zone to this day excites the minds of many researchers unknown secrets and mysteries. Since the 90-ies of XX century, the village of Molebka became the center of the anomalous phenomena on a national scale. About their experiences «Vecherka» said had been in the perimeter of «zone» visitor Mikhail Kuzmin.

Молебская аномальная зона, известная как Пермский треугольник

Ring zipper

Molebka anomalous zone, also known as the Perm triangle located on the left Bank of the Sylva river between the villages Molebka and Kamenka on the border of Sverdlovsk oblast and Perm Krai, 37 km from the train station Shumkovo. Square «zones» where, according to ufologists, paranormal phenomena, is 70 sq. km.

– Almost every year with friends in July, we rafting on the river Sylva, – says Mikhail Kuzmin. Last year, after the alloy when taken in Kungur machine, I decided to go in Molebka, to see the «miracle of miracles».

That in the «zone» can be seen glowing orbs, ghosts, changing the course of time, that there can levitate objects and even make a landing UFO, Michael A. knew of the publications in the Internet, but seriously not one of them.
– When I arrived there it was late afternoon, the sky was gloomy, – says Mikhail Kuzmin. – When they began entering the village Molebka, stopped, deciding where to go next, and saw that on the «zone» there’s a storm coming, although it was no more. Approximately every five minutes lightning flashed, and one of them happened in a broken ring. To be honest, it became uncomfortable, because I slept in a car in Molebka.

The next morning Kuzmin and his two friends on foot moved into the territory of «zone». First it came to the so-called Central clearing, which is five or six kilometers to the South of the village.

Is a large clearing with a good view, it is clear that here put up tents «stalkers», – said Mikhail Andreevich. – On the Eastern edge of the clearing saw the famous «warm birches,» but the temperature of the trunks was to the touch, like ordinary wood. South of the center of the clearing in the ravine there is a small well with drinking water.

Earlier, according to local residents, on the Central place of the clearing were several wooden houses on the site of the foundations of which now remain wild rose bushes.

Unexplained guests did not begin in the most Central meadow, and two hundred meters North of it.

– Stumbled upon a small clearing, where all young trees were broken at a height of meters, – said the traveler. Thought at first that it was a moose, but too thick pine were broken. It was not bitten, but it’s broken. And it is strange that only one elk meadow gently handled, no trees left intact. Shook their heads and decided upon returning to talk to those who best know the habits of the moose.

Mohorovicic blockage, Hamlet, the Witches ‘ ring

Mohorovicic dam is located on the Bank of the Sylva river near traditional parks and campsites guests «zone». Named after journalist Pavel muhortov, which in the article «M-sky triangle or Strangers do not go here» in the Riga newspaper «Soviet youth» described the contact with the phosphorescent silhouettes.

– Luminous figures were apparently not reception day, – says Mikhail Kuzmin. – Sat there for an hour and went to the so-called Settlements.
This place is named after the eponymous former farm and is a clearing located about 1 km West of Central clearing. «Stalker» crossed the log firebreak Demidov times. You can still go down the road to the river Sylva, and then to proceed to Settlement on the riverbank in a westerly direction. This is the second way. On the Settlements, if you believe the UFO was truly fantastic things: people have seen ghosts, a woman with the head of the beast, the spirit of the Forester, and also strange creatures, like elves, dwarves and hobgoblins.

– There is an unusually tall grass, in the place where formerly stood the house and, apparently, was a farmyard, – said Mikhail Andreevich. She’s grown on manure, otherwise can not explain. Currently the house and yard remained only a deep pit, the basement with a few rotten logs. Almost in the center of the clearing stands an unusually deformed tree, which is an excellent reference.

One of the attractions of the zone – Witch’s ring. They are located on the banks of the Sylva river, about one mile South of the Central glade, next to the cliff with a height of about sixty meters. When photographing from this location in a certain direction in the images often appear strange glowing orbs with black spots in the centre is the «Vadimony rings».

– Rings on my photographs, we have not found, but saw another all at once, – says Mikhail Kuzmin. During the night from earth raised some whitish flash. They lasted a fraction of a second and was barely perceptible to the eye. As we tried to take a picture of them, nothing worked: the flash is prevented, and without it in the pictures – complete darkness.

Scopino, Pyramids, Spaceport

According to ufologists, the so-called Pyramid is the artifacts of extraterrestrial civilizations.

Is a pile of slag, flat stones put one upon the other, – said Mikhail Andreevich. – I think they specially laid to maintain interest in the area. That is nothing unusual, but then, as we walked Scopino, saw a strange mark on the tree. It stood almost impassable swamp. In the trunk and Crescent, the through hole was charred, probably the trace of ball lightning.

Scopino is a former old believer settlement, now completely disappeared. It is located about three kilometers South of the Central glade, on the left Bank of the Sylva river, on the way to another anomaly – Snake hill. Now on the ground standing before houses – overgrown grass in the form of rectangles. To the East of Skopino, dried up the marsh, is «tunnel», woven with branches of trees and dense foliage that stretched about two hundred meters.

Visited by tourists and another place with a large anomalous activity – the Spaceport. It is located East from the old bed of the Sylva river and Snake hill, downstream of the river. This is a small valley, wooded and slightly swampy. Presumably, this could be a military facility.

Who does not believe in miracles and UFOs, it’s something to go on Snake hill, – says Mikhail Kuzmin. Is the, in my opinion, a beautiful place in the anomalous zone, which offers a great view of the river Sylva and the surrounding area. The hill is located three hundred meters from Scapino. On its top is a narrow path on the edge of a cliff. The top is a small flat area covered with forests. Excellent location for the camp and night observation area.

Next to Snake hill are located the anomaly Gate, about which he wrote Maxim Shishkin in the journal «Ural Ranger» in 1996: «There is a path in the woods, and at noon, when the sun’s rays fall at a certain height appears in the Gate. I’ve been there several times, talked to aliens. But my place is here and not there… All of the students who I showed it to, saw and described the same Gate».

There are more in the «zone» anomaly Black river. It is located near the Spaceport. Is characterized by the presence of temporal anomalies. White mountain – a former, now uninhabited village, located about four kilometers South-East from Scopino downstream Sylva. In the prewar years there was built a camp for political prisoners.

Different researchers area also indicate other anomalous space – Clearing Juris, Clearing circles, Clearing horrors, Astral clearing, Lens, Fracture, and other places.

– Unfortunately, at the moment our presence in the triangle no anomaly itself is not particularly shown, – said Mikhail Andreevich. Anyway, we didn’t see anything that would apply to him: there were no humanoids, no flying saucers, no fireballs, no «cartoons» on the tent walls and other oddities of extraterrestrial origin. Cameras are not out of order, the mechanical watch was not far behind, the compass is not junk. But we do not regret, designated in the «zone» is very beautiful. Way to relax from the urban bustle. Probably the same feeling the travelers who go to Loch ness, not really hoping to see the famous Nessie.

Alexander Zaleski, caver, CCM on sports travel:
In Molebka, I was not, but with different psychics and ufologists have encountered. In my opinion, these people are often wishful thinking. And the hype around the Perm triangle just someone hyped. The same as around, for example, of the arch.

How to get
On the machine. Direction Pervouralsk-Bilimbay-Shalya. After the sign «Shalya» we’re going to Shawls, from there to the village of Shamary. In Samarah after the bridge across the Sylva immediately turn left (on gravel) and go straight to the village of lower Backa, from 21 km to Molebka.


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