In the Arkhangelsk region, Bigfoot caught on video

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В Архангельской области снежный человек попал на видео

In the vicinity of the Russian city of Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, probably bred (or appeared out of nowhere, say, from a parallel world) the real Bigfoot. At the end of last month on the famous video hosting «YouTube» was posted cryptic entry depicting the alleged cryptid near the river Solza .

It is reported that the amazing video was received on 18 February this year, but made public for certain reasons, it was just now. The locals, by the way, say that in recent time the woods began to get foxes, wolves, bears and even lynx. Like their kicks from natural habitats, more powerful and ferocious predator.

An anonymous eyewitness was able to capture Bigfoot as possible on the DVR or on a mobile phone camera. The man says that driving from Severodvinsk in the tract Kurtyaevo. The road to the city of Onega were snow-covered and even covered in many places with ice, so our compatriot moved through it very carefully, especially not overclocking. It was quarter to eight in the evening, it was getting dark, that is was getting darker and darker outside. When severodvinec drove to the bridge across the river, then suddenly noticed to my right, on the side, and large dark humanoid figure. The stranger strangely moving, like an animal, badly waving the forelegs.

Of course, the appearance of a stranger, and his behaviour seemed suspicious to the driver. The Russian stopped, left the car and followed the suspicious creature, taking it to the smartphone. Hearing a human cry, is the creation quickly walked through virgin snow in the woods, away from the road. And soon disappeared among the trees.

World wide web users, familiar with these frames, was very impressed by the courage of the man. Maybe that’s why some commentators have suggested that we are talking about a hoax. Too fearless looks a motorist in front of the face of the unknown official science and a potentially dangerous monster.

The author of the note, and he admits he was extremely surprised at their own bravery in the time of the meeting with crypticon. He wanted to get proof of the existence of Bigfoot and perhaps to join with the entity in contact, especially because in that moment he forgot about the danger. Only when the snowman disappeared behind the trees, our hero realized that it was wise for him to get back in the car and leaving while the going’s good. He refused to tell relatives about the incident, fearing that he would be ridiculed, and Internet for a long time did not dare to put the resulting material. However, now severodvinec would like to know: are there other witnesses appearing here mysterious creatures?

Video: In the Arkhangelsk region, Bigfoot caught on video

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