In Antarctica, melting ice opened the section of road and bridge

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В Антарктиде тающие льды приоткрыли участок автодороги и мост

Independent researchers using Google Earth to seek out our planet’s a lot of interesting things that have escape the attention of scientists, for example, pyramids, hidden under the Sands of deserts of Egypt geoglyphs, like the famous mountain Board drawings of Nazca, and more .

Recently researchers, using Google Earth, are particularly attracted to Antarctica, where intense melting ice, opening amazing things, for example, is clearly a man-made pyramid, some mysterious base, build, debris… among the last finds the virtual archaeologists – the road and bridge in the highlands of the South pole.

As the author of the video (see below), the ice opened something strange. If you look closely, you can see the road, very similar to our asphalt, a length of about half a mile. Moreover, one part of this road is clearly reopened the bridge with the arch. All this, of course, and prosterto dilapidated old ice, but it is simply impossible to understand even for those remaining, and now vitalsim, the fragments of that on the coldest continent of our planet once existed a highly developed civilization.

Indeed, there is a theory that our civilization is not the first on Earth, but the traces of the previous is hard to find, since time and natural disasters wiped them thoroughly. If one of these civilizations was located in Antarctica, which for some reason (the offset, for example, poles) became the frozen continent that today’s intensive melting of the ice here can really give us a truly fantastic picture.

Unfortunately, the Google Earth with maps cannot serve as proof of certain discoveries, for this you need to visit the place of, say, the pyramids or «asphalt» roads. But to do so in Antarctica it is difficult for many reasons even scientists with a world name, not to mention enthusiasts of today’s virtual world.

Video: Antarctica’s melting ice has opened a section of road and bridge

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