The Australian filmed out of a plane strange object flying close by

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Австралиец заснял с самолёта странный объект, пролетавший рядом

Australian Kerry John, March 21, flying with his wife over the territory of Turkey, observed in the sky near the plane, a strange object, which turned out to be so close to him that almost became the reason of a celestial collision. From the window of the airliner couple noticed something spinning in the clouds, and then rapidly disappears.

In the video provided by the traveler, can be seen as a mysterious object resembling a flying saucer, flying next to the plane, and then departs, leaving behind a dark trail. John also added that the flying machine, the design of which is familiar to him, at some point began to move to the aircraft, but soon changed the trajectory. As it turned out, Kerry is perfectly familiar with the subject of unidentified objects in the sky, as it once worked in one of the companies dealing with such issues.

«There was a time when I was considered an official member of the Canberra UFO community. Then we got absorbed in the story of unidentified flying objects, heard a lot, but what he saw over Turkey really made me speechless. Something flying near the airliner were very close. I realized that, as the angle of placement of object in relation to me changed very quickly. The aircraft stayed at this altitude, where the air is clear and clean, therefore I would not like to talk about any jokes of nature or the illusory oddities. My missus saw him, when we haven’t shot on a mobile device, so many do not hit the frame. And it was especially scary when that thing was closer to us. How nice that nothing bad happened. I don’t think whoever was flying this machine was friendly towards us. Strange maneuvers looked more like a game that pilot, but it could be a mission,» said John.

Landed in the hands of the public, a mysterious video was very interesting and professionals, and ordinary Internet users. But not all agreed with the point of view according to which it would be worthwhile to talk about the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence. Scientists are skeptics prefer to focus on the fact that it was just a ballistic missile orientation. Other townsfolk have no doubt that someone is experiencing climate weapon type, is the cause of the truly strange phenomenon.

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