A group of cats trapped her abuser in the alley and this is what came of it

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Группа котов подстерегла своего обидчика в подворотне – и вот что из этого вышло

Funny video «life of cats» became a viral material on the Internet. He was even called the real action, however, involving cats. However, the most surprising in this regard that, as the operator, presumably a resident of Thailand, managed to lift such a wonderful drama show. Just amazing luck!

Gathered in the alley cats who are clearly plotting something evil against his brother, most likely, offended them one by one, being more powerful and agile animal .

However, it has become clear in the next moment, when a couple of purrs attempted to take revenge on her abuser. There it was. Nimble cat demonstrated a real circus flying in the air and fantastic jumps, thanks to which easily come out, as they say, and that is not even fell into the clutches of any of his enemies.

When watching this «fighter games», write the commentators, one gets the impression that the main character such tricks does not pose any difficulty, it easily passes through all obstacles as if all of these races and flying to him the most commonplace activity.

Funny video was published on may 4, originally on the personal page of Faubus Thai lover four-legged friends. Surprisingly, only during the first few hours the video has collected more than two million views and hundreds of comments. That’s really really viral material, which then began a triumphal procession all over the Internet.

This video will show and you will not regret, especially if you also like talangka who posted the material in the Network, have a weakness for cats. Funny after all the little animals, isn’t it?..

Video: a Group of cats trapped her abuser in the alley and this is what came of it

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