A huge «flying saucer» depicted off the coast of Australia

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Огромную «летающую тарелку» запечатлели возле побережья Австралии

Ufologists, the host of a popular YouTube channel «Section 51», has published an amazing video obtained, according to them, in April of this year, near the Australian city of Broome on the Northwest coast of the mainland .

Mysterious video shows a huge disc-shaped object dark in color, hovering over the ocean. «Flying saucer» has a couple of not too bright lights and hovering in the air perfectly still, not even driving around the clouds.

The recording was viewed more than 35 million users only on YouTube, not to mention other specialized sites and forums, social networks and so on, but not all of those who are interested in this stuff, found it truthful. According to many commentators, these images look too good to be real. Unidentified flying objects are quite often caught on photo and video, but they almost always are imprinted not too clear, as if the aliens didn’t want to be seen or too well-authenticated, in this way, apparently, mocking the technical capabilities of the earthlings.

Here a huge «flying saucer» allegedly hanged right in front of everyone, almost defiantly. And with all that only one witness, they say, managed to capture her on camera – all this is not very plausible. Why no other pictures and videos depicting this aircraft?

Maybe the aliens specifically only showed one, asks one of the users? Nobody was interested, the author of this video has not yet abducted by aliens?..

Video: Huge UFO captured near the coast of Australia

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