Strange medical case in India: From the eyes of the girls have pulled more than 60 ants

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Unusual medical case was recorded in the southern Indian state of Karnataka. In the eye of 11-year-old girl found about 60 ants and the doctors could not understand how the insects got there.

It all started with the fact that a girl named Ashwini suddenly started complaining of itchiness in one eye and began to RUB often the eye. Then she began to feel eye pain. The girl and her parents live in a small village near the town Belthangady.

When the girl’s parents decided to see her bad eye, they found over century of one ant. But they have not taken seriously the incident, thinking that an insect accidentally got into the eyes of a young girl while she slept. Ant just pulled out and felt that this was the end.

Странный медицинский случай в Индии: Из глаза девочки извлекли более 60 муравьев

But the girl continued to suffer from itching and pain in the eye and her parents decided to take her to the doctors. There the doctors examined her eyes, found nothing wrong, but prescribed the girl instilled in the eye eye drops. They felt that in the eye is probably another insect, and to be in the area of eye, they could ostensibly through the ears (weird guess).

The girl began to drip into the eye eye drops, and suddenly she has started to leave dead ants. Every day from her eyes comes out at least 5-6 ants and to this day they are counted more than 60 pieces.

Mysterious phenomenon attracted the attention of other eye specialists, but they refuse to believe in him and can’t give the girl a thorough treatment, is not personally see from his eyes out insects.

Another strange case of ants occurred in India in 2016. Then from the ear of a 12 year old Shray Dariji drew hundreds of ants. Unbelievable, how these insects fit in there, but it’s a fact.

«I’ve never seen such a case before and I have never found nothing about it in the medical records,» said Dr. Jawahar Talsania, -«the ants are famous for being painful bite, but the girl was in pain. In addition in her ear did not have any injuries».

Странный медицинский случай в Индии: Из глаза девочки извлекли более 60 муравьев

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