Monsters Of British Columbia

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British Columbia is the most Western region of Canada and the only one that goes to the Pacific ocean. Of its more than 944 thousand square kilometers more than 600 thousand forests, and most of them are old forests that still remember the days when there were not Europeans.

In British Columbia there are 16 mountain ranges, including the Canadian Rocky mountains, seven national parks and two of the deepest in North America, lake — Quesnel (506 meters) and Adams (457 meters). All this makes British Columbia a very attractive for tourism, but BC is also an ideal home to various monsters.


The most famous canadian lake monster living in Okanagan lake (length 135 km, width 5 km), near Kelowna, the third largest city in British Columbia. The biggest depth of the lake is 232 meters and there’s plenty of places where you can reliably cover a medium size monster.

Sculpture of Ogopogo in a Kelowna Park

Монстры Британской Колумбии

Indian legends described the Ogopogo as a 15-metre serpent, which description is more reminiscent of ancient, extinct whale from the kind of Basilosaurus. Basilosaurus could reach a length of over 20 meters.


Монстры Британской Колумбии

Despite the fact that legends about Ogopogo walked among the local population for hundreds of years, itself is the name of the monster already gave Western settlers. Among the Indians this creature was called the N-ha-a-tik, which roughly translates as «sacred water».

Official reports about seeing the monster in the Okanagan lake conducted since 1872. And nowhere is the monster not to attack humans. In the 1880s the witnesses saw something dragged under the water a group of horses.

And in 1926, officials were so concerned about the existence of the monster that there has been debate that it may hinder the movement of ferries across the lake and that it is necessary to arm the ferries, so they shot him.

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More modern observations of Ogopogo includes a case in 1986 when a fisherman Lionel Edmond saw this monster and in an interview with the Los Angeles Times colorfully described it, especially about his huge size.

«I turned around and saw a strange dark thing floating under water. It was like a submarine and was going towards my boat… I saw six humps sticking out of the water to a height of approximately 10 inches (25 cm) and each of them left a mark on the water… Not to be seen neither head nor tail; but at length it was at least 50-60 feet (15-18 meters)».

Since 2005 began to receive pictures of Ogopogo, taken on a mobile phone, but most often they were muddy and fuzzy. For example here is a picture dated 2010. It is possible to notice a strange ripple in the water.

Монстры Британской Колумбии


About this sea serpent with a horse’s head the Indians of British Columbia also described in his legends and his picture even though you can find their carved petroglyphs on the rocks.

In 1791, the crew of the ship «Columbia» was observed near the coast of British Columbia mysterious sea serpent. Like animal with a length of over 7 meters were observed and in 1897 near the Islands of Queen Charlotte. Moreover, only one neck had a length of 3 meters. Also, there are reports about the observation of the strange sea monster in the early 1900s.

But the most popular story about Cadborosaurus or as the locals call it, just «caddy» occurred in 1937 in the Bay of Neiden Harbor. From the stomach of a sperm whale recovered the remains of an unidentified animal that had a long serpentine body, and the head was like a horse or a camel. With these remains were lucky, a picture was taken of this creature.

Монстры Британской Колумбии

The layout of how could look the creature initially

Монстры Британской Колумбии

Next, the sailors continued to meet with unusual creatures in the area. In 1947, on the coast of Vancouver island saw the remains of the carcass with a length of 14 meters and it was difficult to identify which animal they belonged to. And in 1962, a strange carcass with the «head of an elephant» supposedly found in the area of Ucluelet.

In 1967, one fisherman claimed he caught the cub Cuddy with a length of 40 see the creature had scales. two fins and a long flat tail. The fisherman put it in a bucket to show to the scientists, but then for some strange reason decided to release the creature back into the ocean.

Devilish monkey

Devilish monkey called unusual Primate with a mind somewhat similar to a baboon, but walking on two legs, with powerful hind legs like a kangaroo, bushy tail and only three toes on each paw. Evil monkey attacked livestock and also showed aggression towards the man.

Монстры Британской Колумбии

Despite the fact that the story about her came from the Appalachian mountains of the United States, it is often observed in British Columbia. One of the most famous cases was in 1969, when a bipedal APE-like animal was observed by the witness Gordon Ferrier.

He was seen standing on two legs strange monkey, whose height barely reached a meter in the area of the river Mamquam River. Looked being tense and on each foot he had only three fingers.

The Sasquatch

The Sasquatch is the local equivalent of the Yeti or Bigfoot in British Columbia for it this expanse of dense forests and sparsely populated people areas. A lot of encounters with Bigfoot/sasquatches occurs in British Columbia.

The most famous story without a doubt this is an abduction by a family of Sasquatch digger albert Ostman in 1924. He slept in his camp, when one night something huge grabbed it right in my sleeping bag, threw on a shoulder and carried away.

Монстры Британской Колумбии

After three hours of continuous the way of man finally dropped to the ground and he was amazed to see that to be on a certain plateau, and around it stand four hairy creatures. There were three adults, whose growth was more than 2.5 meters and one baby.

For six days Ostman held in the thrall of the family of these Sasquatch. He didn’t cause any harm and he believed that it was brought as a toy or «buddy for chatting» to care for a young female.

On the sixth day Osdmenu tired of sitting here. He showed one of the creatures package with tobacco and it curiously sniffed. While the Sasquatch was sneezing and coughing, Ostman managed to escape.

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The monster of lake Thetis

Thetis lake is the first canadian national Park. There’s a lot of dense forests and is a very popular place for fishing, boating, and Hiking. But in 1972, this place is also famous as the home to a terrible monster.

It all started with the reports of two teenagers, they ran into a local branch of the Royal canadian mounted police and said that they were attacked by a 1.5 meter high man-lizard whose hands and feet were webbed, and the skin a lot of spines.

The description of the appearance being very much like a monster from a black and white Hollywood horror film «Creature from the Black lagoon» (1954).

Монстры Британской Колумбии

The monster cut her hand on one of the boys, but then ran away. Four days after this message, the two men saw a scaly humanoid creature with a bluish-silver colour in the water of lake Thetis. Being somewhere floated.

This creature had many other observations and descriptions, but overall it was very fit the description of the Lizard Man from South Carolina, and other lizard-like monsters from other States. It is also possible that this monster is completely fake, as one of the first witnesses later recanted his words.

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