Vanga and her predictions

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Wang was born 31 January 1911 in the Macedonian town of Strumica. The light it appeared two months ahead of schedule, with fused hands and feet with your fingers.

The mother and father decided that the girl will not live long, so he named her Evangelia the bearer of the good news that comes to earth for a while, soon to return to heaven. However, the girl survived, but her fingers after the operation was returned to mobility. It would seem that a young family Gustavovich to live Yes to rejoice, but misfortunes pursued them all the time.

When Wang was three years old, the birth mother died. Father, grieve, brought home another woman, bought land, and the family has healed completely prosperous life, but not for long. After the First world war the new government took the land, and the former landowner had hired to work as a shepherd.

Earn money hardly sufficed on the most meager food. And then came a new problem! In 1923, Wang was walking with the neighborhood kids in a field, unexpectedly came down dust tornado. All fled, and she picked up a whirlwind, dragged, struck something hard with his head — the girl lost consciousness.

Ванга и ее предсказания

Found Wang in a field littered with stones and branches, took home. Along the way, she complained of severe headache, tried to wipe hands clogged with dust eyes. In the evening she became worse; the iris has faded, and Wang is blind, as it turned out, forever.

The girl still had to learn to navigate the space by ear. She was treated, did two surgeries, but to no avail. Two years later, the father with a heavy heart, decided to send her daughter to the House of the blind. There, Wang learned a lot: to read fluently to a convex Braille, play the piano, clean the house.

Here she met her first love — Dimitar, the same as herself, the blind boys. They wanted to get married, but once again, once again, everything was broken. The stepmother died, leaving the widower with three children: six-year-old barked, four-year and two-year Fact Lyubka.

Seventeen-year-old blind girl, abandoning personal happiness, was to devote himself to the care of half-brother and sisters. Then she felt herself the mother, Protectress and lady of the house — so it remained until the end of his days. Eventually she married a man named Aptly. They lived happily at first, but then Aptly took to drink, becoming an alcoholic and died in 1962 of cirrhosis of the liver.

Wang began to predict in 16 years — helped my father find a sheep stolen from the flock he was tending. It accurately described the yard, where they hid the sheep. Said that he saw him in a dream.

Before the advent of the Holy rider’s Vanga often dreamed of different unpleasant events which then, alas, came true. But only thirty years of age, Wang has acquired a real gift of clairvoyance. There appeared a rider on a white horse and said, «Soon the world will shatter and die a lot of people. Are you going to be at this place, and prophesied about the living and the dead. Do not be afraid! I’ll be there for you, will you say that to predict people!»

The Bulletin was Wang in 1941. Long before world-wide fame in her life was… prison. The seer was put in a cell for what predicted the death of Stalin. Six months later, she was released — the prediction came true. Since then, for 35 years, every day, Wang told people about their future, warned, admonished.

Ванга и ее предсказания

Through her home passed more than one hundred thousand people. At the end of life Baba Vanga built a temple, which took all her savings. Both of his homes — in Petrich and Rupite — she bequeathed to the local authorities and the Foundation that bears her name. It was founded in 1994, two years before the death of Vanga.

Leaving this world August 11, 1996, Wang said she will be replaced by another clairvoyant: «In Vidin is growing girl who will see me sooner». And should she be, like its predecessor, up to thirty years to «build itself», and then start serving people.

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Vanga predicted the beginning of world war II and the tragic events in Czechoslovakia in 1968, the victory of Indira Gandhi in the elections of 1979 and her murder, perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the war in Nicaragua and the Balkans.

Friend of Yuri Gagarin, the actor V. T., Wang rebuked: «why do You not fulfill the desire of Yuri? He came to say goodbye before the last flight and asked: «Buy yourself an alarm clock as if it got you me. Will the memory of me.» In response to the words of the actor that the watch he forgot in the confusion of the death of Gagarin, Wang said, «But you should know that Yuri Gagarin was killed. He was taken».

A curious fact about the war: to Vanga came Hitler and Bulgarian king Boris. Both left dissatisfied. What upset Hitler is unknown, but Boris III Wang accurately predicted the date of his death. Consulted with Vanga and Todor Zhivkov.

Leonid Leonov once got from Wang’s prediction that his manuscript burn. Not really believing, the writer still moved them from the country to a city apartment… Where they are burned.

Ванга и ее предсказания

Stores the Protocol, as Wang long before the US elections, he predicted that John. Carter will be President, but only one time.

Wang wanted to visit red square, the Kremlin, and talk to Gorbachev, whose rise to power was predicted in six years.

Twenty years before the sinking of the Kursk in 1980, the prophetess Vanga predicted: «At the end of the century, in August 1999 or 2000, Kursk will be underwater, and the whole world will mourn.»

Kuryane took this message with humor: how can it be under water forest city, from which year ride, and a great water will not reach. Who knew that the world will cry in the sea «namesake» of the Kursk?

Wang predicted that before the Apocalypse we, and our descendants, we’ll suffer from disease worse than AIDS, from hunger and thirst.

There will be no flood, but the minor disasters and catastrophes will happen a lot. For example, «the face of the earth will disappear one of the Arab States». However, «this will not happen soon.»

In 200 years man will make contact with brothers in mind from other worlds. But some aliens from other worlds have been living on Earth… Where do they come? With the planet, which in the language of its inhabitants called Vamfim. From Earth — three.

«The pills will do seaweed, and they will be sold around the world,» she predicted in the 60-ies. Splat have appeared in the 90s. And doctors say that algae is a Pharmacopeia of the future.

Ванга и ее предсказания

«The day will come, said Wang, when from the earth will disappear different plants, vegetables, animals… First of all, onion, garlic and pepper. Then comes the turn of bees «.

In Canada beekeepers are unable to buckwheat honey. Because of genetics brought buckwheat with which the bee has nothing to take. Beekeeping killing genetic engineering. List of honey plants shorter. They will not, we will remain without honey.

She predicted a great future for Russia: «Russia will develop, grow and flourish. All will sweep it out of the way and not only continue, but will become ruler of the world». The last prophecy Vanga in Russia: she outlined the hands in a large circle. And he said: «Russia will again become a great Empire, especially Empire of the spirit.»

She predicted the future greatness of Russia. Even claimed that in the future Bulgaria will become part of a renewed Union.

And yet Wang is such obscure prediction (it dates back to 1988): «there will Come the Eighth and sign the final peace…».

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