Resident of Rostov visited in the alien «city of the living dead»

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Olga Grebennikova from Rostov-on-don, a middle-aged woman, I’m sure that in the spring of 1986 she had been on some planet with «artificial sky» and had very short-lived, fortunately for her, time.

And it happened so. Late in the evening the woman sat down on the couch in his apartment, intending to go to bed. Suddenly she was aware of herself standing knee-deep in water. At the same time there has been a shift in time. Where she was, the day was in full swing.

The left and right of Olga stretched the sea surface and ahead — on the beach — lies behind the wide beach is a city. Clearly marked with quarters there stood a low white house.

— I feel I am drawn to the city like a magnet, — says Olga. And seaside scenery suddenly disappeared. I found myself in a round, infinitely long stone pipe, which was dominated by the misty twilight. I do not know where came a faint glow that created it. With frightening speed, my body flew backwards through the pipe.

Жительница Ростова побывала в инопланетном "городе живых мертвецов"

Wildly I screamed from fear and so flew constantly screaming. After ten seconds, flew out of the pipe and landed, as I understand it, on one of the streets of that city.

The left and right of her stood a white house, stretched out in two long rows.

On the street I was greeted by two figures in long white coats, like doctors. Fright I not really looked at them. I only remember that they were of high growth.

The doctor took the woman by the elbows and dragged him to the nearest house backwards. The face Olga Grebennikova was thus thrown back up, and she saw not a bottomless sky, and an artificial dome of monstrous proportions.

It stretched from horizon to horizon, had a heavenly color and evenly lit. On the inner surface of the dome, there was a sparking in a great number was flashed on the dim sparks.

Once inside the building, Olga saw quite ordinary earth people — both men and women. They were constantly moving. Wandered through the vast hall here and there. Each gait was some twitching unnaturally, like a robot step. On the faces of people stood a stupid meaningless smile.

Grebennikov tried to escape from the hands of «doctors» dragging her.

— Where you drag me? hysterically she cried. — Immediately release. I don’t want to become such as these! — Olga with horror looked at the people, confused trampling in the hall. — They — the dead, the living dead! Your city… Is the city of the dead. Yes, the city of the living dead! Don’t want to stay here. Let me go!

And the «doctor» suddenly heard her supplication. And if not heeded, it is still the case turned the way and wanted her to nahodivshihsya in a heart-rending cries.

The woman abruptly fell back down somewhere, and with a flourish sat on the couch, standing in her apartment. The cry stuck in his throat. Olga was again in the earthly world among familiar and dear to the heart of things, safe in their everyday familiarity. God knows how she managed to escape from the grasping fingers of the figures in white coats, back from the «city of the living dead» back to Earth.

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