Mystical foresight science fiction writer Alexander Belyaev

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It is often called the «Soviet Jules Verne», thus showing that he was the same amazing visionary, like the famous French science fiction writer. However, perhaps the percentage of hits from our master of science fiction was even higher. Judge for yourself.

Fantasize Alexander Belyaev began in early childhood. At the age of six Sasha Belyaev decided to learn to fly. Like a bird. And maybe even better – an effort of will soar to the clouds. But she had to at least learn to plan. And he climbed a tree, hoping to plan with it.

Мистическое предвидение писателя-фантаста Александра Беляева

How it ended, you yourself can guess. When falling out of a tree it really hurt my back and ended up in the hospital. While lying there a month, came to the conclusion that flying, like an angel, it still does not work, despite the fact that he was the son of a priest. So, it is necessary to build an airplane. But this requires money. Where to get them?

The way suggested the elder brother Vasily. «We’ll find the treasure, and all things, authoritative he said. I know where to look…». The boys snuck into the old house on the outskirts where nobody lived, and began to rattle the walls. Found the void. Hit hard the wall fell on the stones, nearly crushing the boys.

And at night, Sasha had a dream. If he and his brother make their way through the dark tunnel. Somewhere ahead is some light shining out of it, but brother to go can not, remains somewhere in the dark, and Alexander himself painfully out of the last forces still crawling and crawling to the exit…

Two years later, the Basil really died. Not only in tunnel, and just drowned while bathing in the river. And Sasha realized according to the prophetic dream, he has to undergo long suffering. And trouble was not long in coming. The father decided that the son should continue the family dynasty, and sent him to study at the Seminary.

But Alexander wasn’t going to be a priest. Contrary to the father’s will, graduated from the Demidov lycée and became a lawyer. In 1907 a young lawyer Belyaev started his own practice in Smolensk. Soon the city and its surroundings was rumoured: Belyaev wins the most complicated cases.

One day he came with a request to protect a young woman. «I am clairvoyant, she explained. – Warned the two women about the possible imminent demise of their husbands. And now grieving widow accuse me of deliberate death. Say, I prophesied it to them…»

Belyaev thought. Then grinned.

– Once you are psychic, tell me about me.

Have you been looking for gold, but lost my brother, without hesitation spoke the girl. – Your life will be hard, but very bright. And you’ll be able to see into the future.

Belyaev lost his smile.

– Well, I will undertake your protection.

And the lawyer proved to a jury, it is impossible to accuse the person that he sees further than others. The defendant was acquitted. And he Belyaev begins to seriously study the phenomenon of clairvoyance. He was going to create a device for reading minds. But to bring its development to the end he had not. The First world war.

Belyaeva was not taken into the army for health reasons – manifested itself from childhood back injury. He in court was becoming harder to stand in front of the jury watch the trial. In 1916, the doctors put him a terrible diagnosis – tuberculosis of the spine. Prescribe change of climate and complete immobility. He went to the Crimea, in the resort. It put in a plaster corset.

Hard to say how he’d survived three long years in a cast, if not a nurse Margarita Magnuszewski. The whole day she spent near him. He began to tell the stories that came into his head. And she wrote them down. So was born the first stories of the novice writer Alexander Belyaev. One of them is about the head that lived, being separated from the body – even printed the Yalta newspaper.

In the meantime the country is raging in 1917. In big cities the Bolsheviks and the social revolutionaries, monarchists and cadets follow each other at rallies. But in the Crimea, yet quiet, life goes on established order.

Finally over a painful three years. The doctors allowed the patient Belyaev up. Treatment went in his favor. And he immediately proposed to Margarita. They married and went to Moscow. In the capital more likely to put in print the stories of an aspiring writer.

The young couple huddled together in the tiny room. Dampness and cold. But Alexander the proud: Moscow publishing house began to publish it. Published his novel «Professor Dowell’s Head», adapted from the Yalta story. In it, in particular, the new line appears: the singer continues to live, when her head connects with the other’s body.

Мистическое предвидение писателя-фантаста Александра Беляева

In his fantasies, Alexander Belyaev is based on the latest achievements of domestic science. In 1928, Professor S. S. Bryukhonenko conduct experiments to revive the dog’s head separated from the torso. And his colleague V. P. Demikhov carries out the transplant of the experimental dogs the second heart and head.

The story enthusiastically received by the audience. Belyaev is becoming popular. He was invited to meetings with the readers. He happily talks about the possible wonders of the near future. At one meeting he was bombarded with questions. Who lives at the bottom of the ocean? Is there life on other planets? Are there in fact «the flying Dutchman»? Where do they come from?

Home Alexander Romanovich takes a pencil and starts to figure. Suppose somewhere, for example, in the Bermuda Islands there is a special area. Nearby the Sargasso sea with its array of algae contributes to the fact that here congregate the court left for various reasons their teams…

Thus was born the idea of the novel «Island of lost ships». And Belyaev was the first who pointed out the now famous mystery of the Bermuda triangle.

In 1929 Belyaev travel to Crimea – Alexander Romanovich need to heal. Fellow passengers in the compartment are two men. Both continuous cough. Strange spots on the skin. Tell: the consequences of technological accidents at one of the enterprises of Kuzbass. The city fell in yellow snow. Many began to hurt…

That is the downside of industrialization, said Belyaev in his notebook. In the future if steps are not taken, Russia will face a large-scale disaster. Thus was born the plot of the novel «Seller of air.» A breath of fresh air under certain conditions can cost a lot of money.

And again, Belyaev, anticipating the situation. In the world today because of the bad air is killing hundreds of thousands of people. Leaders have to take measures to limit the emission of industrial gases into the atmosphere. The Kyoto Protocol is just one of the evidence.

The late 20-ies. Maxim Gorky travels around the country. He has lung disease, as the writer would be saying goodbye to the country and its people. And Belyaev writes new novel «the amphibian Man». Talented surgeon Salvator replaced the sick boy’s lungs gills of the shark. Andrew now had the opportunity to dwell in the ocean.

Мистическое предвидение писателя-фантаста Александра Беляева

The book instantly sells out in stores. However, periodicals suddenly descends on the writer with criticism. Say why he brought the novel somewhere abroad? Surely in the Soviet Union is not their Salvatore? And the critics absolutely nothing to the tragedy of the writer, the disease which is the same Soviet doctors to heal can not. And then there is sick with meningitis, the eldest daughter of Belyaeva Folk. Doctors Frank: the only hope for a miracle. Science is powerless…

In 1932, Lyudmila died at the hands of parents. On the same day at the clinic died 12 children. The writer with severe depression. It causes the complication and own diseases. It again put in plaster armor. It may not work, and the family had money problems.

Therefore, hardly rising to his feet, Belyaev moved to Murmansk. Enlisted in the North by the planner to earn. Colleagues soon learn that they work together well-known writer. An acquaintance Belyaeva heavy hidrocilindru down to the bottom of the Barents sea. Fish – a lot of impressions. Soon he Matures the plot of the novel «a Wonderful eye.» He again takes up the pen. And after two years out of print, a book entitled «Underwater farmers».

And again Belyaev science fiction anticipates reality. Only in 1943, the Frenchman Jacques-Yves Cousteau invent the aqualung. And the plantations of seaweed on the bottom will appear at the bottom of the Amur Bay only in the 70-ies.

New work by the writer accepts criticism graciously. Belyaeva get to meet who arrived in the USSR by Herbert wells. He had read some things Belyaeva and responded complacently. Alexander Romanovich fluent in English, starts talking about the Nazis, about approaching the world of the brown plague. Wells responds evasively, saying that it is not necessary to exaggerate danger.

Five years later Belyaev, a letter arrives from England. «You were right, the Nazi eagle coming out of her shell,» writes H. G. wells. And Belyaev, meanwhile, wrote the novel «the Castle of the witch», where describes how the Nazis trying to put himself at the service even ball lightning.

There comes a terrible time for many in our country in 1937. From house to house flow terrible rumors – people disappear at night. To somehow distracted, Belyaev makes for the youngest daughter Svetlana toy carousel. And suddenly grabs the pencil. The idea flashes: carousel it is possible to arrange in space, in orbit. Thus was born the idea of the novel «the Star of kets».

Мистическое предвидение писателя-фантаста Александра Беляева

By leaving the book out of print rave review sent even Tsiolkovsky, whose name in the novel named the space station. Two visionary much ahead of his time – in fact the first real space station appeared in the space only in 1973. But the Soviet criticism goes both ways. Again snapped: why did the writer takes the reader from everyday reality? And this is why the space people have to go crazy?

And the writer doesn’t understand why this book is so attacked? He wants to sleep long enough to Wake up in the future. You see, then order in the country will be others. And he’s writing a story about suspended animation during deep cooling. Experiments in this direction are underway today.

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Meanwhile comes 1940. In the country many apprehension – there is a great war. And the writer is a special feeling; he understands that this war he did not survive. Health worse. And he remembers the childhood dream, writes a book about Ariel – the man who knew how to fly. He wanted to soar above the bustle of everyday life…

The last prediction Belyaev for his family. He will save the life of his wife and daughter, telling them not to go to Leningrad during the German offensive. He already can not move, again bedridden.

The Germans with the outbreak of war soon captured Pushkin, where the writer lived with his family, came close to Leningrad, took the city in a dense ring of blockade. The city soon began a mass hunger. Thousands of people die from malnutrition and cold. In Pushkin, in the occupation, oddly enough, life was still a little easy, people had a chance to survive.

But the cold is bothering everyone here. The stove is flying everything that can burn – furniture, then books. Finally, the turn comes to manuscripts. The wife tries to argue, but the writer says: «I don’t need anymore».

Мистическое предвидение писателя-фантаста Александра Беляева

On the night of 6 January 1943 Margaret as if someone pushed me in a dream. Waking up, she rushed to her husband. Pyatidesyatishestiletny writer was not breathing.

In the morning, she wrapped him in a blanket and brought to a cemetery for children’s sledding. Gave the blanket to the grave digger and asked him to bury the writer in a separate grave. He promised but failed to fulfill the promise – the frozen ground would not yield to the shovel. And writer Belyaev was buried in a common grave along with many others.

And his wife daughter and the Germans sent to work in Poland. Here they waited for liberation by Soviet troops. And then they were sent into exile to the Altai, for long 11 years.

When they finally were able to return to Pushkin, former neighbor gave miraculously survived glasses Alexander Romanovich. On the bow Margarita found a tightly wrapped paper. She carefully unrolled it. «Don’t look for my traces on this earth, wrote her husband. – I wait for you in heaven. Your Ariel.»

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