New details of the incident with a UFO / UFO in the sky above US

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The pilots of two American airlines witnessed UFO / UFO. The US media got hold of the recording of their talks with the Manager now to discuss the characteristics and the origin of the unusual object.

Новые подробности инцидента с НЛО / UFO в небе над США

Us media excitedly retell the details of the incident that occurred in February of this year with an unidentified flying object. Unlike most cases, descriptions of UFOs / UFO, in which the unusual object was observed by one person, this time witnesses a strange phenomenon appeared immediately two observers, and both pilots of commercial airlines.

This incident happened on 24 February in the sky over the desert in southern Arizona.

First, the pilot of the Learjet 36 aircraft owned by Phoenix Air Group, contacted the Manager after he noticed a strange object, flying above him. Audio recording of calls received from the civil aviation authority of the United States, was published on the eve of media and allows you to literally reconstruct the events and conversations during the incident.

— Someone flew over us, like, thirty seconds ago?, asked the pilot Manager, stammering a little.

After that, another pilot in the air said «UFO / UFO», to which the pilot replied, «Yes.»

A few minutes later the Manager contacted the pilot of another aircraft, A321 American Airlines that the crew looked up in the sky the object was 20 kilometers from them:

«Before you passed the plane who noticed something strange on him, and we have no marks. So let me know if you see something over you.»

The first pilot again joined the conversation and explained what I saw.

— I don’t know what it was, it was not a plane… It was moving in the opposite direction.

At this point, the second pilot of the A321 also confirmed that he sees an unusual object.

— Yeah, something just flew over us, like… I don’t know what it was, but he flew at least 2-3 thousand feet above us. Yes, it flew right over us, — confirmed the pilot of the A321.

The dispatcher then tried to get a second pilot, «was the object in motion, or just hanging in the air.»

— I can’t make out whether it was a ball or something, but it is directly radiated or reflected light, moving several thousand feet above us in the opposite direction, — said the pilot.

On the question of the Manager, could this be the Google balloon, the pilot said, «it is Doubtful».

This exchange, which lasted only about six minutes — the only evidence of the incident, which occurred in the skies over Arizona, despite the fact that the unusual object was observed by two pilots at the site with intensive air traffic.

You know what they aviation U.S. authorities also have no information about the nature of the object. The FAA said that in that time in this area was not subject to any balloon experiments and flights of experimental aircraft.

«We have no comments except what you have heard,’ said Lynn Lunsford, a spokesman for the Department of civil aviation.

— In addition to a short conversation between the two planes, the dispatcher could not verify whether any other aircraft in the area. We have a close working relationship with a large number of other services, we carefully monitor military and civilian vessels of all types in the area every day, including high-altitude weather ballons».

The American edition of the Drive, posting a record of negotiations, recalled that the area where the incident occurred, surrounded by a large number of objects of the defense Ministry and the air force, and is known for its high activity of military aircraft, including the secret.

In December 2017, the Pentagon admitted that in recent years spent money on the study of UFOs — according to the journalists, for this purpose with the involvement of a third-party firm spent $22 million the Confession was made after the publication in the New York Times disclosed the amount and details of the secret program. In response to the request of journalists the Pentagon acknowledged the existence in the past of this program, but pointed out that it was closed.

«It was agreed that there are other more important issues that deserve funding, and in the interests of the Ministry of defence was to make changes,» — said the representative of the Pentagon Tomas of Crosson.

However, according to the representative of military intelligence, Luis Elizondo, in 2012, the program is not closed — just ended its funding.

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