Crimean artifacts put scientists in a deadlock

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Many archaeological findings in the Peninsula, by its very existence refutes the official version of history and many established notions about old times. They are little known to the public, because scientists either declare them fakes, or trying to hide from the public, avoiding resonance. However, this interest is only growing.

Sky map

In 1928, in a cave on the outskirts of Simferopol history teacher Anatoly Stolbunov found a map of the sky, depicted on the fragment of the scapula of a mammoth.

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

Zaporizhia astrophysics Chernov was able to recognize her 16 constellations (zodiacal almost all of them!) and 102 stars. Celestial objects consistent with the position of the stars in the Northern hemisphere about thirty thousand years ago.

Besides, Anatoly Stolbunov found numerous fossil bones, stone tools, extremely advanced for the Neanderthals, and dozens of drawings made on animal bone by way of engraving. Among them, in particular, met a strange composition, depicting people, birds or people-mammoths. But several were showing people two very different physical types, in which clearly discernible traits of the Neanderthals and the CRO-magnon, making it possible to assume that both species coexisted.

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

This data suggests that even in those times in the Crimea was occupied by members of a reasonable person. And the drawings on the cave walls proved that Neanderthals and CRO-magnons lived parallel to each other. Moreover, the artifacts found indicated a high knowledge of our ancestors and cast doubt on the theory of evolution. As a result, the study was discontinued, and information about the discovery was classified.

On Chokurcha-2 was a taboo of silence. And the specimens of ancient art were sent for examination to the Siberian branch, USSR Academy of Sciences, where at that time was the main research facility for the study of ancient civilizations. Siberian scientists do not rush to conclusions, and in this time began the real persecution of a school teacher, «took not his business», in all instances, starting with jobs and ending with the regional party. Stolbunov tried to defend his discovery, was even able to publish several articles in the press (the volume — in the newspaper «Soviet of Crimea» under the title «Civilization Comerci»), but died after a few years of a heart attack.

Remarkable, and the fate of the artifacts sent to Novosibirsk. They have not explored, at least officially. According to one version they died in the mid 80-ies of the last century during a fire in the vault, the other was sent back to the Crimea, to the funds of the Simferopol regional Museum (now the Central Museum of Tauris). However, in the Museum, as we are assured his staff that nothing of the kind and never was.

Stele with the oath of the Chersonesites

At the end of the XIX century in Chersonesos was discovered part of a marble slab on which in the III century BC, the inhabitants of the city in Greek letters carved his oath. Almost all of the text, the scientists managed to translate: the oath to protect the city from enemies, the democratic principles of justice, which even then was an ancient the Chersonesites, and the requirement to do as they are told Olympic gods. However, until now, after more than a hundred years, historians have not managed to decipher the meaning of the word ΣАΣТНРА («caster»), which is mentioned in one of the lines. According to one version, this word encrypted the law of God and man, according to which the Chersonesites swear to keep secret the secret of the goddess Virgo Taurus. But what, exactly?

Interestingly, the place where in antiquity was situated the largest temple of the goddess Diana is the Roman incarnation of the virgin, or the Greek Artemis, goddess of the hunt, of the coastal rocks are recursive, tweakability bow, which is also called Scythian, because such bows were used by the Scythians, Sarmatians and other peoples of the Taurus. This place is Cape Fiolent, located close to Hersonissos and was part of the territory of the Heraklean Peninsula. The bow is aimed so that if you pull on it the imaginary bowstring, the arrow, the tip is to look where on many ancient maps depicted an island Alopecia (long since deceased), as well as the northernmost possession of the country of Colchis. And it was in Colchis the Golden fleece was stored. Given that, according to recent studies, the Argonauts sailed in the sea of Azov and not to the coast of modern Georgia, just in the area of the lost island Alopecia and could be the mysterious artifact, which, according to legend, was said to have miraculous properties and was even able to fly. It is quite possible that the secret of the Golden fleece, guarded by the goddess Virgo, the Chersonesites and promised to keep secret…

Tatiana Fadeeva, PhD of historical Sciences, leading researcher of the Department of history INION:

«In the oath of the Chersonesites — known oath, which is carved on a huge stele, which is the Central monument of the Museum of Chersonesos, — mention the phrase: «Caster» people will remain». After much research I came to the conclusion that «Sister» — these are the Indian Shastras (that is, the law of God and man) who guarded brands their beliefs, customs and practices back to Taurus the virgin and the cult of the mother Goddess».

Ritual bath Naples

A few years ago in the Scythian Naples, the archaeologists found the ritual bath, built of separate stone slabs. Date it to about 130 BC, the time of arrival on the throne of the king Skilur. Unlike other structures, the object has the same form in which it is, according to archaeologists, covered the Scythians, to preserve for posterity. At the bottom of the pool with one side made visible with red paint images of warriors, the solar symbol and several other characters, which nobody can decipher.

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

Interestingly, it was a pool for collecting water, at the same time it lit a fire (as evidenced by traces of soot on the walls), and then it was covered with earth. It is believed that this may indicate the connection attempts several elements — water, fire and earth. Probably the wind and towering over the valley salgirskoe Peter rocks played here not last role. According to legend, during the reign of king targitaus, son of Zeus and ancestor of all the Scythians, his land fell from the sky gold subjects: a plough, yoke, axe, and bowl. Curiously, they were all depicted as the four card suits Tarot as a sword, a pentacle, a staff and a Cup. But they are inextricably linked with the four natural elements. From here you can make the assumption that in the ritual bath could put four sacred Scythian objects that passed from one king to another…

Yuri Zaitsev, senior researcher of the Crimean branch of the Institute of archaeology:

«Other such objects — design, design and images — we do not know. For example, drawing a wheel with spokes is traditionally seen as a solar symbol. Interesting band with two lines of teeth on both sides and all sorts of other lines. But it is unclear what it is. Although the ancient people, unlike us, all the images had a meaning, especially those that applied to the status of things.»

Note Greek merchant

Not far from Yalta, on the territory of the Greek-Scythian settlement of Chaika, local residents found a fragment of pottery and deposited it in a pawnshop. The dealer, seeing on it the inscriptions on the ancient Greek language, immediately showed the find to archaeologists. It turned out that in the hands of scientists — the real sensation, a priceless historical relic.

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

Scientists have found that the inscription on the fragment of a bowl made after the pottery was broken and the fragment was used as notes Greek merchant who went to sea. Archaeologists have even managed to catch the essence of the letter: for merchant crock served as a reminder of what to bring to their clients — the wives of the Scythian nobles Ogasaka and Isiaka and daughter of Lattice. The names of overseas goods was able to decipher only one thing — hrisolit: semi precious stone made jewelry. This discovery has filled a blind spot in the concept, in what ways were the Greek colonizers, with a population of the Peninsula.

Masonic vase of Pantikapaion

In the exposition of the Kerch Museum of antiquities preserved funerary vases of the Bosporus-Panticapaeum, which depicts the real Masonic symbols. They are applied to objects used in rituals of the Bosporan Kingdom. But remarkably, for the public they always exhibited by the party, which depicts a classic folkloric and literary stories of antiquity, but their other side is somehow always hidden from prying eyes. And the employees claim saying that there is nothing in these images are nothing unusual, they always, since the very Foundation of the Museum’s collection, were on display.

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

But just on the opposite side of the vases, you can read the stories of mysterious mysteries of Ceres Fesmire, Bosporus incarnation of Demeter, held in the local Bosporan Kingdom from about the VI century BC annually, in September and February. It was the main cult of antiquity, designed, as was believed, to save the entire human race, not inferior in mass and grandeur of the famous Athenian Olympic games and completely different from all the religions practiced today. It is so persuasive and universal that United its adherents at least for two millennia not only in the territory of Panticapaeum, but throughout the then civilized world, from Egypt to the Atlantic. But how was the communication with the Supreme being, how it looks is not known for sure, because the participants of the mysteries were forbidden to tell about what they saw and experienced during the rituals under pain of death. Ancient chroniclers report that the disclosure of religious secrets were punished even noble adherents. For example, among the victims of mystic Lodge was and the ancient Greek sage Socrates was forced to drink a Cup of poison because he was so outspoken about the secrets of the mysteries of the Bosporus with the laity. However, in exchange for the silence of the adherents of the received knowledge about the afterlife. And highest degree of initiation was opened bosporans the way to the heights of society.

Many studies have noted that the notorious Masonic movement is pretty straightforward inherits most of its ritual aspects of the ancient mysteries, similar to those celebrated once on Holy ground. And secondly, the signs accompanying the Bosporus mystery, especially symbols of the higher degrees of initiation, in fact, suspiciously reminiscent of the well-known Masonic symbols: the mirror, the key, the triangle, the fish, the serpent Ouroboros eating its own tail, the all-seeing eye and others. Given that the founder of the Kerch Museum of antiquities Paul Dubroux were part of a secret Masonic Lodge, it’s no wonder there was a tradition to hide the characters on the vases from the uninitiated.

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

Dubois de Monpere, the French Explorer of the XIX century:

«Such funerary vases, kept in museums and private collections of Europe, there was a huge amount. They all come from Kerch, where valuable items are freely exported for the jewelry European collections. And the more they study, the more pronounced the thought: the ancient Bosporan Kingdom was the most powerful religious center in the Northern black sea region, and perhaps throughout the ancient world.»


Because of the many fakes which give for reliable historical findings, giving them besides wide publicity in the media, a simple layman it is quite difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff, and the scientists believe in the accuracy of the periodically appearing sensations. For the last time journalists are not just writing about the amazing discoveries in the Crimea, which actually turned out to be fiction…

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

Cave paintings of aliens

My favorite argument of ufologists, who assert that aliens are visiting our region in ancient times, images of the mysterious creatures, not like people, in the caves of the mountainous Crimea. The most striking example — mixed «painting» on the wall of the Cold caves on the Chatyrdag, which allegedly depicted a flying saucer, around which the natives dance. As it turned out, these figures for about forty years, left them a free artist, wandering in the mountains and perform a similar art, which now excite the imagination of posterity.

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

Stone butterfly

The massif Karabi-Yayla, tourists for many years demonstrate the «stone butterfly». It is laid out on the ground from stones shapes measuring approximately five by eight metres. Many researchers, especially ufologists, is credited with an extraterrestrial origin — say, it’s the landing marks for UFOs. However, there were people who in 1948 were directly involved in their creation. It turned out that this place was the artillery range and stone pieces laid out as targets for training in the aiming of the acoustic bombing.

Крымские артефакты поставили ученых в тупик

Underground pyramid

Since 2001, some Crimeans were able to support the legend that in Sevastopol, in Kamyshovaya detour, underground there are ancient pyramids. Enthusiasts even conducted entire tours for tourists, showing a hole in the ground — an empty pit with a depth of over twenty meters. When ten years later there were people funding the excavations, it became clear that there is nothing there. However, this has not stopped speculators who immediately declared that the pyramid is invisible, so to feel their presence can only be a person with psychic abilities…


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