Obsidian. Secrets of the stone glass

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In the Caucasus this stone has long been known by the grim name «ejunk Satani» («devil’s claw»). People believed that obsidian particles of the clutches of the Prince of darkness, broken them in the fall from heaven to the depths of hell.

A tragic legend is told about this gem in the American lands where the obsidian was called «tears of Apaches». The legend tells that centuries ago Spanish soldiers surrounded the Indian Parking lot, and the men of the tribe, not to accept a shameful death at the hands of the conquerors, threw himself into a volcano, while their women wept for husbands, fathers and sons, and the tears falling to the ground, froze dark iridescent stones.

Polished obsidian, with crystals of cristobalite

Обсидиан. Тайны каменного стекла

Battery energy

The volcanic stone obsidian can help treat many ailments, however, should be used with caution. After all, if too frequent use of it can bring not only benefits but also harm. For example, those who wear it for a long time, noted irregularities in the work of the kidneys. But if you apply mineral wise, he will overcome any, even a very bad cold, to establish the activity of the gastrointestinal tract and stabilizes blood pressure.

In General, obsidian is very beneficial for the human circulatory system, improves performance, restores blood circulation, treats venous diseases and vascular system. In addition, stone is able to save their owners from diseases of bones, impaired vision and a variety of dermatitis.

In addition to these capabilities, the mineral serves as an excellent regulator of energy flows. It not only cleanses the body of negativity, but also removes obstacles for the intake of fresh and positive energy. This feature of obsidian is magnified when used together with rock crystal.

Obsidian masks from different cultures

Обсидиан. Тайны каменного стекла

The Keeper of the magical forces

Obsidian has long been revered magicians, psychics and shamans as a powerful assistant in various rituals. Made from it a rosary exacerbate the ability of clairvoyants, increase intuition, increase magical power. Glass and obsidian, carved in the shape of a small shield that can create a barrier that stops the attempts of uninvited spirits to enter the world of the living.

The inhabitants of Ancient Egypt kept the incense and ritual of the mixture in jars of volcanic glass, because it is securely kept inside the smells and left all the substances in unchanged form for a long time, preventing the change of their properties. The Sumerians obsidian mirror helped in conversations with the gods.

Medieval witches using smooth balls of obsidian prophesied the future. And Indian yoga and in our days this mineral clean soul from the dark feelings and conduct rites to strengthen the body, after which, said witnesses, a person feels as if reborn.

However, the rituals obsidian can do not all those who do not know all of the possibilities of the stone, the risk of inept actions to open your body for negative energy and the development of diseases.

Prophets and godlike called obsidian the stone of truth. The fact that he always gives the true information, eliminating various unnecessary «noise». No wonder that it can be clearly seen the future.

Monkey made of obsidian, a unique and as an ancient artifact from Mexico

Обсидиан. Тайны каменного стекла

And when a hypnotic effect on human consciousness of the mineral allows to penetrate even into the very regressive memory and to learn more about the past lives of a person.

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The healer of the wounds of love

As the stone of truth, obsidian will also help its owner to distinguish the true deep sense of the devastating, leading to nowhere passion.

The owner of the obsidian talisman when meeting caused romantic feelings a man like you fall from the eyes. He sees all the prospects of development of relations, the level of compatibility of the characters and is able to calmly assess whether it is mutual feeling.

And rainbow varieties are perfectly fulfilling the function of treatment of heart wounds, healing them without a trace in such a short time.

Protector from false paths

If you use obsidian as a talisman should be careful, because if you carry the stone with you at all times, sometimes its presence may lead to unpleasant consequences. He can get the owner to cut the truth-womb, where it is totally inappropriate to blindly throw out the accumulated emotions or to bring to others the negative charge hindering him.

But if you use the talisman properly, instead, it will save you from stressful situations, improve energy background and even get rid of nightmares, if you take it to bed with me.

Обсидиан. Тайны каменного стекла

Snow obsidian primarily performs protective function, protecting the wearer from external negativity and any evil forces. The peoples of the Caucasus is traditionally presented with an amulet of volcanic glass and the baby to protect him from all misfortunes and at the same time, to give him strength, courage and wisdom.

Talisman of obsidian will relieve the owner from meeting people, capable of indiscretions, and warn him from wrongdoing. It will make the wearer more calm and balanced, it will extinguish the aggression and chase away negative emotions.

Especially useful obsidian amulet can be for writers. Experts say that the pen of this stone is able to produce a text that would not create an ordinary pen.

How to protect mascot

Of all the zodiac signs maximum advantage of the properties of obsidian can bring Gemini and Aquarius: he will teach them to focus on the Essentials, without being distracted by anything secondary, and keep self-control in most conflict situations.

Обсидиан. Тайны каменного стекла

Lions and archers stone will make it less complacent and force them to look at life with a more realistic look. And for those born under the signs Cancer, Virgo, obsidian is contraindicated. They are already used to calculate his every action with such a talisman will start too «slow» in making decisions.

Since volcanic glass is very fragile with the years has developed a set of rules that allows you to store products in the best way. It should be stored separately from other jewelry in a tight box with lined with soft material walls. Chemical cleaning of stone is not suitable -preferably just wash it with soap in cool water and wipe with a soft cloth.

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