Anomalies Of Baikal

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In the depths of the sacred sea, Baikal hid many secrets. If you collect together the various mysterious cases associated with the Baikal or occurred close to the coast, is the picture of the present anomalous locations.

Аномалии Байкала

Thrones Of Lake Baikal

In 1972, six young people had a rest on the banks of the ambassadors of the Gulf. The night away from the shore they noticed the glow bluish stripes. Back on the boat swam three guys. The glow disappeared, but appeared a glowing circle — like from the water column shone the spotlight. The circle was moving from side to side, then circled the boat around the circumference twice and disappeared. This case is analogous to the «thrones» — glowing and rotating wheel on the surface of the water, has long been observed by seafarers in different parts of the world ocean, the origin of which is inexplicable by natural causes. Similar luminous objects observed in the sky covered with clouds.

Military secret

Apparently, the most unusual and the most mysterious event occurred in 1982, the bottom of the lake. Information about this emergency a little, so you have to rely on human fame. According to rumors, in the North of Baikal military divers saw a three-meter humanoid in tight-fitting silver jumpsuits and spherical helmets on heads. While trying to catch the alien network has been a sharp ascent. Three divers died from bessonovoy disease, and four were disabled (not enough seats in the chamber).

Note that a certain amount of truth in this story after all. In the North of the lake really is kind of a secret base military divers. It is possible that some emergency was there. But in the future, people could just interpret in the spirit of fantastic version. They say that on the bottom of lake Baikal from Irkutsk scientists using deep-sea submersibles was discovered huge tracks of cars that do not exist in humans. I was told by many that watched over lake UFO / UFO in the form of a greenish transparent triangles. In the end, one gets the impression that somewhere over the lake there is a base of UFO / UFO. Maybe the Baikal is the transition between parallel worlds? In fact, according to one hypothesis about the origin of UFOs / UFO, the unknown objects can be messengers of civilization from a parallel world.

As suggested by some ufologists, lake Baikal is the base of the UFO / UFO. A famous artist, writer, traveler and philosopher Nicholas Roerich once said, «On earth there are several places where the increased energy emitted from the Earth and sent to us from space. One of these points — Baikal». No wonder because with ancient times, the peoples inhabiting the shores of the lake, deified the lake. For example, korycany more than a thousand years ago built many religious buildings on the coast of lake Baikal, on Olkhon island.

The Mirage Of Lake Baikal

From fishermen on the lake you can hear the amazing story of how, over the lake appear ghostly visions of strange cities, of trains moving over the surface of the lake, people. So often talk about the strange vision-a Mirage in which I see the phantoms of the insurgent poles-convicts against the king’s soldiers. Recall that the Polish convicts came to Siberia after the uprising of 1863.

In the seventies of the nineteenth century, they worked on the construction of Circum-Baikal road (land tract). Then they rebelled and were preparing to escape through Mongolia. The rebellion ended sadly… the Burial and the monument to the fallen poles are located on the coast of lake Baikal near the river Michichi in kazanskom area

Buryatia Republic. By the way, the convicts built an improved road along the coast of lake Baikal. Later in those parts already built a railway. Its construction has also left its mark in the energy of those places at the sacred lake — a Mirage of the train, skimming over the lake.

Secrets of the Krugobaikalskaya railway

Circum — Baikal railway is an integral part built the TRANS-Siberian railway — is a listed building of the early XX century. Dug in the rocks surrounding the southern tip of lake Baikal, it is unique in its architecture and the difficulty of building all their 39тоннелей. Sometimes, according to eyewitnesses, in these abandoned tunnels can meet the ghosts. And even during the day many feel uneasy near the tunnels. Most likely, there emerged the phenomenon of spiritualization inanimate objects human energy. The tunnels of Circum-Baikal railway was built by many people and different nationalities, there were many specialists from Italy. The labor of workers and engineers, the thoughts and feelings of the people could somehow be absorbed into the rock. No wonder some scientists believe that the stones are able to record in its structure of external information and, under certain conditions, to reproduce it.

Search engines have visited the tunnels, saying that they felt a special energy, and the Braves dusk can see there figures of people in clothes of the last century. Often tunnels «of the Krugobaikalskaya railway» come artists they find creative inspiration. Paintings about those places, bring joy, improve health of people. A tireless Explorer of the history of the construction of Circum-Baikal railway was Mikhail Dimov. This enthusiast has gathered a huge material on the construction of the road. Working at one time Director of the camp, Dimov continued to collect data on construction «of the Krugobaikalskaya railway» in the late XIX — early XX centuries. In particular, he collected unique materials about the Italian experts involved in the construction.

Mountain falling planes

Mountain Shaman in the Severobaikalsk district has strong paranormal properties: people have experienced unpleasant sensations, aircraft, flying over him, got into an accident. This can be explained by the fact that the mountain has long been a cult object for the local population. In the vicinity of the hill is the old cemetery, where since the XVIII century were buried shamans. During questioning locals in Severobaikalsk, we learned many interesting facts about the mountain Shaman. It turns out that even before and during the great Patriotic war over this top flew planes with military cargo. Periodically the winged cars got into an accident. And that’s over the mountain Shaman.

There was an episode from the wartime, when the hunter-Evenk rescued the injured pilot from the plane that crashed into a canyon in this mount doom. The other four crew members died in the fall. The pilot was wounded in the leg and waited for rescue for three days, until came the hunter. After the war, the aircraft flying over the top, continued to endure the accident. One of these occurred in 1982. Fortunately, the crew survived and the plane was almost intact, but was trapped in a narrow passage of the canyon.

Mysterious animal

So in conclusion, the mystery of lake Baikal. Honoured ecologist of the Republic of Buryatia Matvey Sergeev believed that in the lake there unknown to science large animal, related to the seals. Residents living around the lake, particularly in the Baikal region kubanska areas, sometimes watched it: it appeared only in the early morning and for a while came out of the water. Unlike ringed seals, the creature was much larger. Perhaps the mammal is also of pinnipeds and similar exterminated in the last century in the far East, Steller cow.

The late Matthew Sergeev and his associates in 1980-e years have taken expeditions to the coast of the lake to see the mysterious animal. But they failed.

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