The British attacked the toxic caterpillar

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In the UK, began the invasion of oak moths, whose larvae are very toxic, writes Daily Mail. Dangerous caterpillars noticed in the South-East of England, their numbers are increasing. The toxins contained in the hairs on the body of the caterpillar, make the person dizziness, fever, irritation of eyes and throat and skin rashes and asthma attacks. The forestry Commission of great Britain is asking residents who notice tracks, not to approach him and to inform the Commission where they saw the places of a congestion of insects.

Британцев атаковали токсичные гусеницы

In 2017 British caterpillars lasiocampidae oak was struck by the «zombie virus» infection forced the insects to crawl into the light, the infected larvae quickly died, and their bodies exploded, which contributed to the spread of the virus. Usually the larvae of this species kept in the shadow to avoid being noticed by birds. But the infection had changed their behavior, the experts of the Wildlife Trust compared it with zombie movies.


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