Recorded near the Sun giant object incredible shape

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Возле Солнца зафиксирован гигантский объект невероятной формы

Our Sun has long been considered untouchable object in space, as humans and aliens (if they could be in our Solar system) because of the extremely high temperature of the Star. However, after it was launched spacecraft «SOHO» (a joint project of NASA and the European comic of the Agency), allowing to follow the Sun using the coronal diagnostic spectrometer, an ultraviolet telescope system for the analysis of particles, measuring the anisotropy of the solar wind and so forth, astronomers, including independent researchers of all stripes, had the opportunity to study the Sun more thoroughly. This allowed us to learn a lot about him interesting .

Among this interesting, almost fantastic – the constant mysterious objects that appear near it. See, for example, a video published on the Internet based on some images of the Sun received in may.

Video: recorded Near the Sun giant object incredible shape

But the latest pictures of the Sun again gave ufologists «little surprise» — near the Stars discovered a giant object that exceeds even the size of Jupiter. But not even that impressed by independent researchers, in detail studying the images taken by the satellite and heliospheric Observatory of NASA. This mysterious UFO has been very strange shape, as if collected from three huge rings.

Возле Солнца зафиксирован гигантский объект невероятной формы

According to the astronomers, unprecedented hitherto the object (were the balls, and cones, and rectangles, and even angelic UFO) only three times per day slide near the Sun. What is it and what are its goals flying near our sun, a real mystery. To assume that this is a natural space object fails even the most skeptical scientists. May involve independent researchers, is some sort of giant energy collector that collects the plasma or the hydrogen of the Sun, but definitely a man-made object. And since humanity until such technology is still far away, yet all the blame only on aliens.

By the way, today’s the completely destroys the skeptical attacks on the UFO allegedly seen «non-existing UFO» near the Sun, because, they say, such a huge interplanetary ships simply does not exist (it is a giant dimensions of the UFO somehow confuse any «doubting Thomas»). But what do we know about the possibilities of alien civilizations? Nothing. And if a round, even square object near the sun a stretch to call natural space body, then these costeobrazovanie – well, not to push, no logical explanation. Except in Chekhov’s phrase: it can’t be, because there can never be…

Video: recorded Near the Sun giant object incredible shape

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