About the Thai girl who was born with a talisman in hand

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О таиландской девочке, родившейся с талисманом в руке

The Kingdom of Thailand is a country dominated by the Buddhist religion. The vast majority of people in this country firmly believe in reincarnation and pass from generation to generation the legend of the cases of degeneration of the human soul. Very interesting story that happened here recently, just a few decades ago. Today it tells us of local author Wen Zheng, gathered at the time many myths and the real facts about metempsychosis .

Prophecy and the gift of a monk

So, one of the Thai woman met one of the highest Buddhist monk who saw in it something unusual and spoke to the stranger.

О таиландской девочке, родившейся с талисманом в руке

The elder gave our heroine an amulet and told her that when she is reborn, this talisman will remain with her. The woman thanked the hermit for his gift and continued to live a normal life of thailandi, gradually forgetting this strange meeting. Unfortunately, in middle age this woman critical health failed.

О таиландской девочке, родившейся с талисманом в руке

Once on her deathbed, she, you guessed it, he remembered the monk and his mysterious gift, asking her younger sister to bring her the amulet. Our heroine told the nurse that this subject will surely return to our world. Perhaps she had this absolute certainty, however, the authority of the elder was undoubtedly encouraged by the unfortunate. The woman died, and relatives, following her request, they buried her along with the mascot.

Birth amazing girls

О таиландской девочке, родившейся с талисманом в руке

Less than six months, the younger sister of the deceased first became pregnant after years of marriage. Happy wife considered it a miracle, because all this time tried unsuccessfully to conceive a child. Now imagine their surprise when they witnessed an even more incredible miracle: in the hands of a newborn girl was the same amulet! The girl tightly clutched in his tiny hand and refused to leave the subject until I fell asleep.

Shocked parents could not recover. Of course, they quickly realized what happened. After a couple of months the couple decided to dig up the grave of a dead sister and a new mother to look in the coffin. As expected, the pair saw only the remains. Talisman simply disappeared, as if he were not buried together with a woman. The younger sister felt that her daughter is the reincarnation of her sister, that is the prophecy of the monk actually came true.

Who turned a small thailande

A girl named Dalaloy, which means «the blessed dead». With age, the child became more and more like aunt. The baby quickly learned to walk, talk and read at the same pace she was just like his late cousin. The history of an amazing child quickly spread throughout the country, and the family began to come from many miles around compatriots who wished to see that girl again, now real signs that proved the existence of reincarnation.

О таиландской девочке, родившейся с талисманом в руке

Dalada meanwhile grew, and her appearance and character was the same as my sister’s mother in his youth. When the girl was 22 years old, she inherited a small business aunts and rapidly expanded it, like you always did know how to do this enterprise. Old partners and customers were confused when they saw Dalada. It seemed to them that the firm was again in charge of her founder: alive, healthy and rejuvenated for decades. Here’s a fantastic story. And the fantastic?..

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