In Virginia filmed a white celestial phenomenon

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В Виргинии засняли белоснежное небесное явление

Another mysterious phenomenon was seen in the sky in the US state of Virginia. Over the small town was declared a strange flying machine in the form of dazzling white plates. About this event the media was told by the expert, Scott Waring, dealing with UFOs and other mysterious phenomena.

The representative of the UFO of the company and his colleagues received a high quality photograph taken by American photographer. Experts in the relevant field in one voice said that before they never had to deal with such a distinct picture, hinting at the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

However, as we now know, an unidentified object hit the lens of a resident Ashburne 15 March this year, but until recently, for certain reasons the public about it, nothing was known. According to some experts, a flying saucer you almost could see the pilot, and if she was a bit closer to the camera, that is exactly what you would see who ruled the mysterious apparatus.

However, skeptics do not expect to agree with representatives of paranormal Sciences, considering the white phenomenon in the sky just a joke of nature, in particular, a cloud of bizarre. However, even if this is true, then this development can be considered no less entertaining and mysterious. There were those who called what they saw in the picture of the usual plastic toy, launched into the sky specifically for the emergence of another article about UFOs and the press. Others believe that the photo is fake.

However, Waring and his team in the authenticity of the material is not in doubt, and that is why they wanted to publish it on the Internet. The expert is not going to turn a blind eye and going to explore new UFO appearance until the end.

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