Nostradamus prophecies become clear only «after»

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Пророчества Нострадамуса становятся понятны только «после»

What is the complexity of deciphering quatrains of Michel Nostradamus? They are very symbolic, vague, and from time to time is not decipherable. For this reason, his prophetic poetry it becomes clear, often not «to» the events described, but only «after» his accomplishments. By the way, it was seen even by contemporaries Michel, eloquently than the extant old story about the transcript of one of his quatrain .

Releasing his first collection of quatrains, Nostradamus at the invitation of Henry II (as the famous astrologer, pharmacist and doctor) in 1555, comes to Paris. In a just published book of predictions by Michel nobody paid attention because it felt bad (not rhymed) poetry, bordering on the ravings of a madman. Judge for yourself, because that sounded like a verse of Nostradamus, which soon brought him great fame:

Young lion will be stronger than the old one.

In a single battle on the battlefield

He scratched the old lion’s eyes in a Golden cage,

Why the latter will die a painful death.

First sight is the purest nonsense that is not even worth wasting time. Soon, however, Henry II arranges a big feast in honor of two major events: the double wedding of his daughters and younger sisters and the truce with England. And what a holiday in that time without a jousting tournament?

Пророчества Нострадамуса становятся понятны только «после»

The tournament took place on the present place des Vosges Paris, the king himself took part in it. He grabbed the young Earl of Montgomery, not at all fearing for their lives as knights in such contests fought with blunt lances. However, as a result of the second match of the spear of the young count, who at age suited Henry II sons broke about the Royal plated armor, long chips through the slit of the helmet was stuck in the king’s eyes, then out of the ear.

Despite all the efforts of the then doctors, including Nostradamus, Henry II died in agony. Before his death, he was ordered not to punish Montgomery in the accidental death of their king. The graph, however, still executed: the killer of the king to live at that time was not supposed to. Himself an accident forced him to think about the strange quatrains of Nostradamus – prediction, which now no longer seemed absurd and incomprehensible. Everything came together: the age of both «lions» and lose his eyes through a Golden cage, and the death of the old opponent in agony.

Пророчества Нострадамуса становятся понятны только «после»

After that, the fame of Nostradamus, like the great Oracle, has increased so much that, ultimately, crossed the century. However, that was preserved till our days and still excites the minds of scholars of the quatrains of the great prophet will remain the same incomprehensible poetry. And only after fulfillment of some of the events described in quatrain in the form of a «raving lunatic», it suddenly becomes clear what it’s all about, and exactly how Nostradamus was able to foresee the future.

Perhaps that is why the prophecies of the medieval astrologer and the alchemist is virtually useless in the desire of contemporaries to see in them the future of their country and the world in General. In order to understand these quatrains probably need to be Nostradamus. However, we even can not say exactly what state of consciousness this man wrote his prophetic quatrains. Who knows, if he knew himself, and wrote about what predicted?..

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