Interstellar asteroids

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Межзвездные астероиды

UFO – this word appeared in human language recently. For scientists, it refers to an object capable of moving in space and not only space. Moreover, such an object cannot be identified. Ufologists gave the acronym a much more logical interpretation. UFO is a spaceship of aliens.

Who said that humanity alone? The fact that we still have not come into open contact with other civilizations, does not mean that the contact was made. The U.S. government often hide from the people of the planet with important information. Some employees of special services in resignation sometimes say that both Russia and USA are in constant contact with an alien civilization. Ever since then, when people learned to fly on the orbit of the planet. In the United States in the last century and completely crashed alien ship. According to one former CIA officers, the crew of the ship died, but the space the car gave people the stealth technology led to the acceleration of technological progress. Mobile phones, touch screens, microwave ovens and guns. New chemical elements that do not exist on our planet. Many people think that’s not true – but it’s not.

USA at the end of the last century made its maiden flight to the moon. According to them the ships of the series, Apollo was covered by the top-secret material. A thin film capable of stopping cosmic radiation and effectively protect the crew. In addition, the Soviet Union apparently also have similar technology and intends to use it not only on the spacecraft, but also in the project «Star» or as it is called «Barkingmad». It’s a real moon base. In our days, such projects are impossible. What happened? The rapid regression or just mankind has lost the mysterious material? The exact answer does not give one.

The last time humanity had reverted to the stage of open space. Private billionaire Elon Musk is ready to implement the most ambitious program in the history and apparently, it has all the necessary technology. Russia has placed an order for the creation of technical documentation orbital tug, lunar module and a new super-heavy rocket. Obviously, we overcame a barrier that hindered our progress. How did it happen and how to relate the asteroid and the Chelyabinsk meteorite?

Many foreigners and Russians was amazed by the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Beautiful, fiery torch, which collided with the earth. But there is great strangeness. According to expert analysis, the visitor from space was shot down by the military, which exploded right over the city. It is known that the total mass of the object was not so big to pose a threat. Then why hit him? Many argue that this is not a meteorite, but part of an alien spacecraft. The part that was sending radio signals and interfere with our radio on all frequencies. Many hams are faced with it that day. Amazingly, when the asteroid exploded – interference disappeared. The Russian army instantly together with the emergency workers cordoned off the main crash site of the object and withdrew it. Part of the object had a natural origin and it was used in the manufacture of Olympic medals. The other part and pieces of her radiated an unknown science radiation affecting a person. It is these fragments, the military seized on the first day. Some of them found and put up for auction for the incredible money. Surprisingly, the stones are bought not only the rich oligarchs, but foreign and private research organizations. For example, the Agency of advanced studies of the United States.

Russian ballistics withheld information about the trajectory of the object, but ballistics from foreign countries revealed to the world that a meteorite came to us from Mars. In 2017 our solar system was visited by the first interstellar asteroid. He didn’t come from the cloud ORT, not from the main asteroid belt, and certainly not from the Kuiper belt. Definitely, it is an object did not originate in our system. He was flying so fast that even the gravity of our Sun is absolutely not slowed him down. Its shape is wedge-shaped. The typical space ships. Ufologists and astronomers decided to check the object for signs of life and was able to fix the strange subtle signals that he sends into space. But the most amazing thing is that Mars is a lifeless planet, posted exactly the same subtle mechanical cues. The asteroids – don’t know how to emit radio signals, and the planet – do not know how to answer them in the correct sequence. American experts believe that it is not an asteroid. It’s either a space ship is drifting, or disconnected probe. Stone growths due to the fact that he was flying for thousands of years. His flight may have to last millions of years. Within that time, any vehicle would be covered with stone plaques and was similar to an asteroid.

Chelyabinsk meteorite and the asteroid appeared only when people again took up the exploration of space. Mars – not so lifeless world. Apparently, the planet is what responds to our progress. Something that tries to reply to us. Mars ‘ intentions are quite unclear. Our technology is not sufficient to decode the signals emitted by the planet. However, there is something that is for sure in the future similar incidents will become much more common. The development of our civilization, the stronger will react to is the red planet. Might be landed there, the international crew will be able to find our fellow human beings, Autonomous monitoring station or at all the evidence that you lived on Mars, our ancestors. And yet, so far all attempts by Mars to communicate with Earth look like Mars is attacking us, but to be sure it is impossible, after all, no one has died, and any alien equipment definitely able to cause the Earth and our Nations enormous damage.

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