Where did the Golden gate of Vladimir?

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In 1158, Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky was surrounded by the city of Vladimir shaft, and the outstanding monument of ancient architecture called the Golden gate was built with him in 1164.

The beauty, grandeur and architectural power of the Golden gate, which served as the main entrance to the richest princely-boyar part of Vladimir, surpassed the Golden gate of Kiev, Jerusalem and Constantinople, which today is nothing left. Massive oak gate was decorated with cast gold plates. «The Prince to inflict them with gold», as recorded in the Hypatian chronicle.

The gate was built by the architects Vladimir. This is evidenced by two of the Prince’s sign carved on one of the stones in the South niche of the Golden gate.

Куда пропали Золотые врата Владимира?

There is a legend that when the work came to an end and the scaffolding was dismantled, the arches of the gate suddenly collapsed burying 12 people. None of the witnesses had no doubt that people are crushed to death under the weight of the stones, but Andrey Bogolyubsky was ordered to bring the miraculous icon of the Mother of God and asked heavenly patroness with the prayer of the poor.

The blockage was cleared and found lying under him alive. In honor of the incident of the miracle of Andrey Bogolyubsky was commanded to hold over the Golden gate, a tiny white stone chapel the provisions of the Rees Notre Dame.

One of the best specialists in ancient architecture, Vladimir archaeologist Nikolai Voronin believed that the architecture of the Golden gate in Vladimir is unique to medieval Europe. To the West was characterized by tower buildings, performing purely defensive functions.

Vladimir Golden gate was built not only for defensive purposes, they served as the main entrance to the city, and also had a religious purpose — deposition of the robe Church was established.

Golden gate performed a number of functions. They served as the main entrance into the city through them in Vladimir vyezjali the princely retinue returning from battle. White stone triumphal arch, reaching a height of 14 meters, a Grand entrance tower, and a massive oak gate, hung on wrought iron hinges, gave the building a stately appearance, appropriate to its purpose.

Golden gate from the side of Kozlov’s shaft

Куда пропали Золотые врата Владимира?

Golden gate along with lost Copper, Asininity, Silver, and the Volga gates was a single complex of defensive fortifications of the city of Vladimir. The gate was attached to an arched lintel, on top of which was built a wooden flooring that serves as a combat platform.

With this platform, the defenders were shelling the enemy. The platform remained only large square sockets, designed for powerful wooden beams. The rise of the platform was carried out by stone steps, has in the thickness of the South wall.

Among other things, the Golden gate served as a decorative function, acting as a symbol of princely power and wealth. Graceful gate chapel, is crowned the gates, and blessed all who came in Vladimir with the world.

The gate disappeared in February 1238, when the city approached the Tatar-Mongol armies. Batu Khan wanted to triumphantly enter the city through the Golden gate. The dream did not come true. Did not help the Batu and the Golden gate before the execution of Prince Vladimir Yurevich, captive in Moscow.

On the fifth day of the siege of Vladimir was taken, but through the other gates. A Golden gate to Batu not opened even after the capture of the city. According to legend, Golden gate plate was removed and hidden by the townspeople to protect the relic from the encroachment of the Horde. So well hidden that I can not find so far.

Куда пропали Золотые врата Владимира?

There aren’t any in museums or in private collections. Historians, after examining the documents of those years and based on the logic of the defenders of Vladimir, suggest that the gold was hidden at the bottom of the Klyazma river. Needless to say, that no search of a professional, no black archeologists digging yielded no result.

In 1972 the USSR Council of Ministers received an unexpected and extravagant offer from Tokyo. The Japanese Corporation promised to clear the bottom of the river Klyazma and even expand its bed. For his work, the Japanese did not require any Sakhalin or the Kuril Islands and did not even ask for money. As payment they wanted to take all that they will be found at the bottom of the Klyazma river.

This proposal was discouraged by the Soviet authorities, the Japanese were denied, but forced to ponder the question: «What values wanted to find the Japanese in the river to pay their costs?».

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Perhaps the Japanese were looking for Golden plates that once adorned the sections of the Golden gate. Save precious folds from Batu Khan, the townspeople drowned them in the river Klyazma. But most likely, the Japanese were interested in the bog oak reserves in the Klyazma huge.

Some researchers believe that this hypothesis is implausible, as enemy spies were vigilantly watched over the town and its surroundings, so residents did not have time to take the gold from Vladimir or drown him in the waters of the Klyazma river.

According to an alternative version, the relic is hidden in one of the city’s walls or buried in an underground hideout in the basement. Anyway, but the location of the Golden plates still remains a mystery.

Now in the Church over the Golden gate is the Museum. Presents the military history aspect (weapons and military equipment of different times). And a diorama depicting the protection of Vladimir during the attack by the troops of Batu Khan in 1238.

Meanwhile, fold the Golden Gate of Vladimir listed in the register of UNESCO as a lost humanity values.

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