Laboratory of ancient Gods

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Лаборатория древних Богов

A survey of about ten million of today’s millionaires in America has helped experts to identify a very important law – focused mind can create reality. In our earthly macrocosm is the law that all human scientific achievements, know-how, computer information technologies and nanotechnologies, in General, all the modern things of the material world initially, it was just someone’s idea, a thought, a discovery that is a product of someone’s mind, and then embodied in everyday reality. The human mind on Earth every day creates and transforms the world around them. And if you go beyond the boundaries of earth’s gravity, what scale of the cosmic Intelligence designed and implemented universal megaworld?

According to scientific calculations our galaxy originated from the Big Bang thirteen billion years ago. Our planet was formed from the charged particles of solar cosmic nebula approximately four and a half billion years ago, living cells appeared here after one billion years. The human era occurred thirty thousand years ago. Before the emergence of homo sapiens on the Earth was ruled by dinosaurs and the prehistoric saber-toothed animals. Maybe everything is really a fruit of the universal Mind, who organized the Big Bang?

Recent scientific discoveries have cast doubt people’s knowledge about the origin of the Universe. All artificial civilization on other planets, unlike the earthlings have disappeared, modern humanity had with them, and not met. However, there is a hypothesis in the scientific world that the ancient people still had to deal with aliens from other planets.

In the ancient complex of Chavin in Peru near lake Lauricocha preserved rock paintings with a five-meter fantastical creatures in a huge space suits and in the Nazca desert on a mountain plateau, stretching for fifty miles from North to South, the researchers found a giant geometric and figural geoglyphs depicting flowers, birds, monkeys and spiders. The most mysterious of them is a huge silhouette of an astronaut in a spacesuit with a length of twenty five feet. The image of another giant anthropomorphic geoglyph in length and eighty-six meters in the form of a man in a helmet discovered by researchers in Chile in the middle of the Atacama desert on the mountain of Cerro Torre Unika.

In southern California in the United States near the city of Blythe also found a group of ancient giant figures in spacesuits, in technique similar to the geoglyphs of the Nazca desert. In the Sahara desert in Algeria in the mid-twentieth century archaeological expedition discovered in the caves of the plateau of Tassili, Adger on the walls of caves in petroglyphs and ancient animal cave paintings of fantastic creatures, dressed in suits.

Different tribes in different parts of the world had their own different gods, but the deity in the suit is found in virtually any found rock image. Whence came this vision of early man since the stone age? Maybe thousands of years ago the Earth was really down mysterious creatures, and went out with homo sapiens on contact.

Dry according to the mathematical calculations of the chances to meet with representatives of other galaxies decreases dramatically the speed of light together with the speed of expansion of our Universe. Even if humanity will invent a miracle rocket to overcome light speed, it will never reach the borders of the milky Way, and especially not be able to fly beyond our galaxy.

And if the scientific mathematical model of the modern world just one visible facet of the multidimensional world. Maybe there is another way to overcome in a short period of time the speed of light and the huge distances of tens and even hundreds of times greater than astronomical unit (a.e. approximately one hundred and fifty million kilometers from the sun to the Earth).

Once in ancient times, our ancestors received from the «higher Gods» powerful knowledge and sophisticated technology for almost all areas of human life, there was a breakthrough in the development and rapid transition from human primitive tribes to civilization. Maybe aliens from other galaxies studied young evolving then the human race, and when something doesn’t go according to their plan decided to destroy it. About the war with the ancient gods described in ancient legends of different peoples of the world: India, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia.

The relic preserved in the manuscripts referred to the application of laser and psychophysical weapons in the colossal wars between rival gods who ruled the people on Earth. For example, in ancient scrolls describes how the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses the Great, using psychophysical weapons stopped the enemy’s army with just one look, and the enemies fled in fear from the battlefield.

Pharaohs, high priests, kings were worshipped by their people as the governors of the «higher Gods» on Earth. And the people were just subjects obedient slaves in a bloody military conflicts of a higher power. In the Indian myths, particularly in the ancient Indian book «Mahabharata», in the Sumerian legends of Mesopotamia and Avestan myths of Ancient Iran are equally describes a global war with weapons, similar to the description of nuclear that terrible burned like a hundred Suns, and shook the whole Earth. Indeed, in the course of scientific expeditions in the mid-twentieth century in the Gobi desert were found melted rocks and traces of residual radiation.

In all ancient manuscripts of the peoples of the world say that the Earth has existed before us for four civilization, victims of the wrath of the gods or destroying their nuclear weapons, advanced technology or genetic engineering. Most likely, the role of the universal Mind plays the Ring worlds of the galactic Federation, to which access will be opened only survivors prudent and highly spiritual human race.

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