A couple from new Jersey said that on a walk in the local woods saw Bigfoot

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Husband and wife Dave and Trisha (last name not provided) from the town of Browns mills (new Jersey, USA) 7 April 2018 went out for a walk in a nature reserve named Brendan Byrne, which is located in the pine forest, Pine Barrens. The couple brought along their dog.

Пара из Нью-Джерси рассказала, что на прогулке в местном лесу видела йети

They were just nothing, but suddenly smelled a strange odor. It seemed to them that smell similar to the stench of mold, and they marveled at this, since earlier in the forest did not notice. Because of this bad smell Dave immediately wanted to go back to the car and Trisha followed him.

The couple went home, but they rode on a bit, slowed down on the bridge across the lake. Trisha wanted to make several beautiful pictures of the pond. Barely Trisha, who was driving, drove off a bridge, she suddenly noticed in my rearview mirror, something tall and dark brown.

The object was slightly behind the car and was about 6 feet (182 cm). And then he quickly disappeared. Trisha couldn’t believe my eyes.

«I thought it was that the sight was deceiving me. But I couldn’t seem, it really was».

The woman told about what they saw «an anomaly» to her husband, and then turned and went back to the bridge, wishing again to see the object. During the journey the woman and the man heard a strange sound, like someone all the time loudly chanted «Vuh Vuh Vuh Vuh». They chalked it up to noise in the motor, but then, on reflection, decided that the creature attempted a similar noise to scare them away.

As soon as they came to the bridge, he heard something large breaking branches in the bushes, and then there was a loud splash, as if fell into the water something heavy. Next, the lake is nothing strange occurred.

On returning home Dave and Trisha have discussed «anomaly». The woman was sure it wasn’t deer and moreover, that it was not a bear.

Soon after, the couple contacted cryptozoology «Bigfoot Field Research Organization» and told them his story, and went with them to the place where it all happened. There found no traces, but the representative found the evidence of spouses genuine.

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