Unknown creature howling in sugar grove, Il

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The message was sent to the American UFO the MUFON website. Date 19 may 1988. The scene near the town of sugar grove, Illinois.

«My friend and I that day fished on the old flooded stone quarry, which is surrounded by corn fields. redkaraoke small groves and bushes. It was evening and the sun is just a village. We were inside the quarry, and behind us was a stone wall with a height of about 40 feet (12 meters) beyond the wall at a distance of 15-20 yards (13-18 meters) began the bushes.

Неизвестное воющее существо в Шугар Гров, Иллинойс

We sat at the edge of the water and silently watched the floats on rods. And suddenly from the other side (wall) was a really loud roar (howl). So loud that we immediately jumped to his feet and began to look around. Then it howled again loudly and I could see his silhouette. It was a creature with a large head, on which stood large eyes.

In the twilight it was hard to see him and I turned on the flashlight and directed the light on the creature. First I saw his eyes, very large, greenish-orange color oval eyes. Then the creature howled again and I saw the big teeth of the predator in his mouth.

The creature then quickly moved to the trees and it moved so fast we couldn’t understand how it moves. Then it howled again, loudly. It roared as screams and roars no living creature on the planet, especially none of the animals in Illinois. I so well remember the sound of that and now I can try to samitivate it. He sounded very creepy.

The creature was from us in the beginning about 10 yards (9 meters) and later, after moving 50 yards (45 meters). His eyes were like large reptiles.

The next day I returned to the quarry with his friend again fishing, but we also wanted to find traces of the animal. We found nothing, no nothing, no trace, not even broken them of branches. We shrugged and went to catch fish.

We were there for about an hour when it started to get dark.We have collected the gear and went to my jeep, when suddenly both stopped and froze when he saw something. Over a cornfield, approximately at the level of the treetops, hovered a strange ship. It shone a few lights and it came out one big spotlight, which in a moment was staring at us.

The object is then moved to 45 degrees and abruptly left our sight. Then we realized that the object was moving soundlessly. We stood near the stone quarry, where you can hear a buzzing of a fly, but none of us have heard how to move this object».

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