The car doctor himself was miraculously cured people

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Kindly country doctor Gustavo Gomez 45 years, traveled by the car-truck built in 1948 in Northern Brazil, giving the health of one and an easy death to others. However, everyone’s favorite doctor on 76-m to year of life has died. But his case was continued… «Ford».

«I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the truth!» says discouraged doctor Alexander Duarte. — I’ve seen hundreds of farmers who have passed, dental pain, and allergies and boils — as soon as they sit in the cockpit of the car of Dr. Gomez.

Ford pickup 1948.Thematic photo

Автомобиль врача сам стал чудесным образом вылечивать людей

He was just a Saint for many of these people, and to stay in his «Ford» meant for them to communicate with the doctor himself. Maybe here plays the role of a psychological factor, but not to the same degree! People get sick in the car, and come out of it healthy.

Dr. Gomez was a small office in Manaus, but from 1948 he began to go around the area, providing medical assistance to poor peasants. For a week he «cheat» up to 500 kilometers.

«For many of the patients Gustavo was the only real doctor — told his former assistant nurse Maria Freyer. They all considered him a Saint. To pay him they had nothing, so they gave the doctor chickens, fruits or vegetables, which themselves have grown. But most importantly, they gave him their love. And greater doctor and it was not necessary».

When in 1995 the doctor died, attended the funeral of the villagers, Turunmaa asked his relatives to give them old, all banged up «Ford.» They promised that will put the machine as a monument to the great doctor.

And now, after a few weeks the district was rumoured that the spirit of Dr. Gomez settled in the truck and that anyone who sit in it, get rid of any ailment.

«Now people come hundreds of miles to sit in an amazing Ford motor company, and many of them returned home healthy, says Dr. Domingos lourenço, representative of the government concerned with the study of this unique case. — People who have already breathed its last, was recovered.

Many consider it a miracle, but I am sure that the treatment happens by means of suggestion. On the other hand, when you see that beat-up old truck has more capacity than all of modern medicine, are reluctant to believe in a miracle.»

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