Visit the dead daughter

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This story was told by the inhabitant of Anapa L. terzijan. In 1963, she married and shortly after her daughter, Karina. On 28 April 1990 at the age of 26 years, Karen has died after a long illness — she had a malignant lymphoma.

Further, the story told by most L. terzijan:

«And that was after the funeral, exactly one year and one month. I was sitting at work behind an office Desk in the control room of the Anapa convoy No. 1489 and type.

Suddenly in front of me, right next to the table where I was sitting, appeared late, my daughter Karina. No the door would not open, no footsteps to be heard was not… Karina appeared as if raised from the ground.

Визит умершей дочери

Not to say that I was scared. Rather, strongly was surprised. Looked at her and saw she was holding a white sheet of standard typing paper folded in four. Maybe it’s not Karina, I thought at that moment, I, as a woman, madly like her?

— Listen, — I say turning to her, ‘ how could you have a resemblance to my daughter-she was dead. Excuse me, but let me kiss you.

Until I said these words, Karina or woman, incredibly similar to her, looked at me with sad eyes. But as I said I want to kiss her, she smiled. And she whole body clung to me. I hugged her and kissed first the left cheek then the right.

And then my heart ached — it could not be mistaken. I kissed her own deceased daughter.

Tell her:

— How do you look like you are alive!

Then open the drawer of the office Desk, took out a color portrait of the deceased and show it to Karin:

— Look, honey. You can see for yourself. The similarities are striking.

She carefully looked at the portrait. And says:

— What happened to her?

So, you know, and asked him, and said — «with her».

Standing in front of me, apparently, a Ghost, a replica of his late daughter and asks about herself in the third person.

I mixed, confused, began to tell how and why he died Karina. After listening to my confused story, double Karina said, turning to me somehow, said:

— Don’t worry. Calm down.

And melted into air.

I told about what had happened to their colleagues. And them saying they don’t.

How do you think that thought, if I clearly felt the warm body of my daughter when she hugged and kissed her? I held her waist, hugging her, and to touch it was warm and quite, so to say, a material body… Sorry, but I’m telling the true truth«.

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