Noah’s Ark is in a restricted area on mount Ararat

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Ноев Ковчег находится в запретной зоне на горе АраратNoah’s Ark is in a restricted area on mount Ararat. Noah’s Ark may be located in a saddle between Big and Small mount Ararat, well-known Russian climber, former head coach of Russia on mountaineering Vladimir Shataev, fascinated by the search of the biblical boat.

«If he is on mount Ararat, but only in a restricted area. Where there is, I suppose, a secret secure facility,» said Shataev, who have been searching for the Ark for 11 years.

According to the, for 11 years of searching Shataev — 74-year-old honored trainer of the USSR and the Russian Federation on mountaineering — climbed mount Ararat on all routes, often led the 3800 and 4200 m in Forscom gorge (East hillside), where, according to most written sources, needs to be the wreckage of the biblical vessel constrained by permafrost. In late August 2011, he went to the top of mount Ararat (5165 m) in the 13th time.

He noted that, while on the Eastern slope of the mountains, I personally saw how the cars were entered in this prospective database and disappeared underground. «So if the Ark is somewhere near filled up, then we’re not going,» said climber.

According to him, during a recent rise of a local Kurdish guides said that the American Amateur archaeologist who received grants from the U.S. government and two academic institutions, is searching for an Ark at the Peak of ascension. The name one of the peaks of greater Ararat was given by Russian Cossacks, when the mountain was within the Russian Empire, in Armenia. However, Shataev expressed doubts that these efforts will result. «I think that at best they’ll find the logs from the skids of the sled on which the Cossacks pushed from the Peak of the ascension», he said.

Noah’s Ark — in the Bible the vessel built by Noah at God’s command for salvation from the Flood of his family and one unclean and seven pairs of each clean animal species. About the beginning of the IV century from time to time attempts were made to find the remains of Noah’s ark near the mount Ararat, where, according to the Bible, the ark landed on the earth after the Flood.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries in places visited by several expeditions, and though none of them found the Ark, many of the researchers claimed to have seen something similar on its remnants, the materials .

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