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Heavenly ships. There is a topic on which to write, even not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of articles, filmed hundreds of films, the theme is that much of it may say — many will not. This topic — Unidentified Flying Objects (alien ships), or UFOs. The fact of the matter is the media of different countries are full of reports, and websites — videos — about new phenomena UFO us earthlings. And how would the scientists, the journalists did not explain «roswarski incident», one fact remains: with the end of the 40-ies of the last century the mankind has entered the era of «UFO». And that was before the start of the «era»?

Небесные корабли

Curiously, evidence of the appearance in the sky mysterious objects always had plenty. Only their slightly different interpreted that, in General, is not surprising. Description phenomenal celestial phenomena recorded in many of the early historical sources. Thus, in 215 BC, something «like ships» seen in the sky over the Eternal city — Rome. Ships, of course, the sea — people always strive to describe an unfamiliar object or phenomenon with the help of already known concepts. And maybe «sky ships», which from time to time mention historical records, indeed appeared in the form of ships in the sky, and not spacecraft? In this case, it is necessary to admit that the aliens are good psychologists. Shown in the form in which the person is ready to perceive them and identify.

Such evidence many, however, in most cases we are talking about comets, meteors, fireballs and other banal celestial bodies, including about clouds strange shape. And only a small part is listed in the chronicle of the facts is indeed inexplicable. Although, it should be noted that many of these facts, passed through the worldview of the ancient or medieval man, impossible to equate with reality.

Evidence of strange objects, and obviously non-mechanical origin, were recorded throughout the nineteenth century. For example, in September 1814 and October 1815 years in the skies over France was marked by a small circular cloud moving against the wind and pouring a stone rain. In 1872, sailors from the barque «Lady of the Lake» in the Atlantic ocean watched «the curious cloud forms» are round, clearly defined, light grey. The captain of the barge noted in the logbook that the rear part of the cloud was divided into four segments, and behind him stretched a crooked tail, very similar to the tail of the comet. Strange «Ghost aircraft» seen over the entire territory of Europe in the period from 1908 to 1937.

Recorded and the appearance of the mysterious «celestial serpent.» So, on 4 and 5 September Crawfordsville, United States, Indiana, appeared glowing white snake, about six feet in length, with «fins». Red «celestial snake» seen in 1878 over Oklahoma, and on 4 January 1991 in Japan «floating gelatinous white object» shattered the leg of a cow.

Active and in some way professionally with the UFO phenomenon began to be interested only in the second half of 40th years. Moreover — and this is very important — at the earliest stages of the study it was noted that about 80 percent of reported UFOs or unreliable, or explains natural phenomena. So, the headquarters of the defense of Sweden in the late 40-ies have investigated more than a hundred messages about the appearance of UFOs and came to the conclusion that about 20 percent of cases in fact are a mystery.

The second very important fact in the history of the study of UFOs is one that almost immediately the military experts of many countries, not saying a word, came to this conclusion: UFOs are man-made objects for military use and their origins in secret laboratories of the Third Reich. Two-thirds of the UFO that was seen in late 40-ies over Scandinavia, according to eyewitnesses, came from the East — from the Soviet Union. In Sweden, UFO believed the Soviet secret weapon, developed with the help of captured German scientists. And the other German scientists at that time were in the US, UK, France…

Today, the opinions about the nature of UFOs is extremely different. So, Gordon-Michael scallion, the well-known American expert on Geophysics of the Earth, for many years involved in the UFO phenomenon, I am convinced that more than half of the recorded UFO today has a terrestrial origin. Indirect confirmation of this is the fact that the UFO phenomenon has captured the imagination of the public in 1896, not in 1934, and in 1947 — at a time when the world was split into two halves and began the «cold war» that threatened to become «hot». It was then that the two opposing sides in an atmosphere of secrecy launched a feverish military-technical activities. In other words, all these «saucers», «saucers», «cigars» — not that other, as a secret military developments of the warring parties.

But since the beginning of 50-ies became stronger theory that UFOs are still flying machines aliens. Well, no earthlings such technology! Neither overt nor covert. And the beginning of the end of 50 years of intensive space exploration has caused, along with the rapid flourishing of scientific and technical fiction, right after the collapse of new reports of UFO sightings. In the public consciousness, the prevailing view is that UFOs are alien space ships.

The so-called «contactees», claimed that he had met and conversed with beings from outer space. Increasingly began to appear even more convincing proof of the real existence of «flying saucers» — photographs, fragments of film. Many of the photographs raises serious doubts, as it turned out that they are easy to forge using the most ordinary objects like car wheels caps and pots, but some of the photos recorded are really interesting objects. For example, on may 11, 1950 in Oregon photographer Paul Trent photographed a large UFO flying past his house. According to Trent, he was like «that dome of a parachute without a sling». By the way, the photographer was convinced that it was some kind of secret weapon.

Today, when computer graphics allows to obtain a remarkable and stunning results, pictures of UFOs actually lost value of the evidence. Exposing fakes is becoming increasingly difficult, and the availability of new technology is enough to deprive of any value the picture. But there are many other facts confirming the existence of UFOs: the radar surveillance, for example. However, in the last twenty-five years their number has considerably decreased, which suggests that «radar observations» of UFOs in the 50’s and 60’s was mainly the errors caused by the technical imperfection of the then radar.

Anyway, to deny the existence of UFOs, no one is going: they exist, and it is an objective reality, whether you believe in UFOs or not. But what is the nature of UFOs? Here, alas, and begin speculation. No wonder Colonel Philip Corso, author of «the day after Roswell», the question of discrediting UFOlogy by the US government responded: «this is not necessary, since belief in UFOs for a long time and reliably undermine their delusional tales of numerous fanatics».

Studying the history of the issue, it is easy to notice that the interpretation of the UFO phenomenon is directly connected with the processes taking place in the public consciousness. In caused cold war paranoid atmosphere of spy mania of the late 40’s-early 50-ies of UFO considered the «secret weapon». Ten years later, on the rise space dreams of mankind, the UFO was unanimously declared the alien ships. Today, in the Wake of the craze of mysticism and parapsychology, UFOs declare entities from the «parallel worlds», representing transcendent, earth aircraft, from our future, etc.

Very distinctive and a point of view, which is another interpretation of the phenomenon: UFOs and the so-called «humanoids» is none other than the materialization of demons, the devil, who appeared in a new guise, more enticing for the modern man. Because of the facts of the phenomenon of medieval Chronicles devils just swarm! This view actively support the clergy who did not want to admit that we are not alone in the Universe.

It is justified the opinion that the UFO phenomenon serves as a kind of propaganda tool for brainwashing society — in order to distract him from the really pressing issues. The second option of this opinion: UFOs — not that other, as a variant of replacement of religion and traditional moral values believing in «little green men», which is supposedly the most «space gods» who from time to time taught mankind the «good-reason». Through the efforts of figures such Daniken hypothesis about aliens turned into a worldview that mass culture is able to replace for millions of people both scientific and religious view of the world. The idea of «gods from space» today with special urgency being imposed on the public consciousness, which is the advantage — unfortunately — atheistic. There is a kind of paradox: giving up one day from God, people are frantically trying to replace it, thinking «little green men». Apparently, life is without God everything is impossible…

Whatever it was, but no clarity with the UFO phenomenon yet, and probably will not be long. The trouble is that from the beginning of military research problems were carried out in secrecy, caused the dissatisfaction of UFO «asset».

The secrecy was based on the belief that UFOs may be a threat to national security. In the leading countries, organized a special secret unit, from a scientific point of view studied all proven cases of UFO sightings. So, in the Soviet Union, all the commanders of military land, air and naval units were required to report to higher authorities about all suspicious cases of encounters with unidentified objects. Subsequently, when the initiative in the study of the phenomenon went on to enthusiastically minded and overly gullible members of «clubs flying saucers», on the print page spilled a sea of hoaxes, that it drowned the nuggets serious, competent investigations.

It is therefore no exaggeration to say that a truly unbiased study of the UFO phenomenon has not yet been evaluated, although attempts to comprehend it from a scientific position does not stop. In his publications in the journal «USA: Economics, politics, ideology» Vladimir Vasiliev suggested that American astrophysicists have probably already approached the understanding of the interaction of UFOs with the physical fields of the Earth. It is not excluded that these objects are moving in a kind of magnetic «tracks» or «tunnel», sometimes breaking them, especially on magnetic anomalies. However, the Americans on this account to speak not in a hurry…

And it is impossible to unambiguously associate the UFO phenomenon with space aliens. All the facts alleged indicate the existence of other life in the Universe besides earth, today may have another explanation. No definitive evidence that we are not alone in the Universe, no, though strange and inexplicable from the point of view of modern science facts there was more than enough.

According to the materials of Nikolai Nepomnyashchy and Andrey Nizovsky

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