UFO / UFO flying over Argentina

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A tourist, taking the plane in the Argentine city of córdoba, received a great shot. After viewing the photos, she discovered a strange spot, in all its shape resembles a flying saucer.

НЛО / UFO пролетел над Аргентиной

In these Paschal days, Cordoba has become a real Mecca for tourists that use a holiday weekend to explore the sights of this ancient city.

One of the tourists was near the famous triumphal arch, the Arco de córdoba, when she was interested in the plane flying over the area. She took out her mobile phone and pressed the button. To her great surprise, the plane did not hit her in the frame, but the photos show a strange object in the sky.

At first she felt that it was crashing the camera, but when you zoom in, the image became understood that it was something else. According to her son, who very carefully studied the resulting picture, they realized that it was a UFO / UFO.

«We have used the Easter holidays to relax and get to know these places, — the woman told local media. But we never thought that visitors are very extraordinary visit.»

Well, surprised is not even worth it, because Cordoba is considered the hot spot of UFOs in Argentina. By the way, not far from the town is mount Uritorco, which is a place where there is a lot of this kind of «trouble». It is believed that the mountain has a truly mystical energy, and from there periodically receives hundreds of reports of strange lights hovering in the sky UFO / UFO. And according to historical records, the UFO / UFO live here for hundreds of years.


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