Lost Atlantis or buried near Khabarovsk city

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The center of the mysterious world hidden from the townspeople under the Amur waters. Assimilation of peoples, historical events, military presence during the construction of the regional capital, the visits of famous people in Khabarovsk Krai left behind an imperishable legacy: the myths and legends. This time the editors will talk about «far Eastern lost city of Atlantis» or the underground city, the history of which is still not go to the mouth of the channel.

Far East capital still young, but already became the hero of various myths. What arguments sounded from Khabarovsk, finding «evidence» of those or other mystical phenomena. People faced with something unusual, came up with various stories, through which the facts are overgrown with interesting nuances.

Затерянная Атлантида или погребенный под Хабаровском город

One of the common myths about Khabarovsk was the story about the existence of the underground city buried under the regional capital. To speak of «the far Eastern Atlantis» began over 10 years ago. The first mention of the underground city sounded in the corridors of museums and local Newspapers, later reports about this appeared in the media. First, the existence of the dungeon and spoke to the Director of HKM them. Grodekova Nikolay Ruban, referring to the passages, which are connected underground a few houses, built for the military.

There is an urban legend that the building on the street Volochaevskaya, 153, and the management of FSB of Russia across Khabarovsk territory and the house on the street Muraveva-Amur, 25, a building of the Khabarovsk Krai government joins a secret underground tunnel.

About the Department of the FSB of Russia in the region, wrote on the site’s forum Drom.ru a user under the nickname «Aleksandrov»: «ex-girlfriend’s mother works there. She told me that on the minus eighth floor is the entrance. By the way, through these tunnels can be in any part of the city to get».
So Nikolay Ruban admitted once toza reporters that the tunnel is under the archeological Museum of Khabarovsk. But to confirm or deny such information of the editorial office have not yet succeeded.

— There are versions of that in the old part of the city needs to exist underground passages between separate buildings. Khabarovsk, with a «military» bone, he was built as a city defence, strategic, and «subway» should exist. Not yet managed to open, although there are addresses, the assurances of experts. And I’m sure the underground tunnels we have. In the basement of our Museum archaeologists drew attention to the two bricked up arch: one was we understand

— he was led to the courtyard buildings, and that’s what was needed side to side Amursky Boulevard?
Indeed, of the countless underground passages in various forums, the festival was mentioned repeatedly. The townspeople assumed that under the LCD «Cossack mountain» built on Pacific street, there are the catacombs – that they supposedly dipped flats.

Way out of the catacombs back into the river. There are passages under the «Cliff» area of Fame and under the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral, and on the street Yashin wrote on one of the local forums user under the name «Pav_khv», there is a huge bomb shelter with exits to the tunnels to the Amur.

My dad is a native of Khabarovsk, said that the tunnels are there, and under Koprowski town the whole catacombs under Karlugas too. Under Serysheva do all pitted it should be — there all his life, warriors nest. Just below the drama theatre is a small old house, which was formerly the Station of Young Technicians. In childhood, there on the radio went. There is a separate staircase with all the guys we once burned down, the teacher went there and disappeared somewhere. Began to descend, come down, I remember the floors on the 7th, but it was dark and scary to go down further.

In turn, the user under the name «Oleg K» testified the fact – in the early ‘ 90s, in a former newsreel Studio (it is also the first power plant in 1904 buildings, which was wiped off the face of the earth during the reconstruction of the promenade and Central Park. Presumably the station building were below the old building of the business center «Parus» at the corner of Komsomolskaya square and Shevchenko street. Now, the power plant portion of the embankment, where during the warm time of the year there are tents with food, approx. ed.) in the basement saw an old massive iron door with a corridor. It led directly to the Amur.

All suggests that either near the Amur, on the bottom there is an unknown object, which are all the tunnels.

And around 2008 the seeker and the historian Mikhail Efimenko said that near the alley Dyachenko found another underground passage. It was accidentally discovered during the laying of heating. After this event Efimenko argued that such moves almost dug under the entire city and is very dangerous for a channel, especially for thrill-seekers, because, in his opinion, they can get there out of curiosity and not out never lost in labyrinths.

«If you put all the moves together, they stretch for miles Most of the moves in the Soviet times were walled up. But they still exist and represent for the city a serious danger. First, dungeons filled with explosive methane. In which case half of the historical part of the city can be destroyed. Secondly, through the moves to get close to the building and to organize a terrorist attack. And finally, we must not forget about children who can get under the ground and not get back,» said a few years ago, «Komsomolskaya Pravda» Mikhail Efimenko.

The seeker didn’t stop – next he examined a map of the Khabarovsk and confirmed the existence of the tunnels, but the three levels – none untouched since pre-revolutionary times to link several buildings and pre-war tunnels are available to the diggers, and the mysterious tunnels and carefully hidden from prying eyes.

There is a prosaic version of detection. According to her, very little long-Khabarovsk ran along the shore of the Amur river and suddenly fell to the ground. How it was discovered is not known, but came to the aid of rescuers. They found the mine, where the hell is the child, he lowered him a rope, but its length was not enough – the hole went deep into more than 40 meters. With grief in half, the boy was rescued from the mine. The child came to himself and told the rescuers that down cold, damp and scary. There is a move that should lead to the Amur, from which emanates a terrifying coolness.

This well Efimenko noted on the map as dozens of others. By the way, in addition to wells about the presence of tunnels they say air ducts, scattered throughout the city. Later marks of the former architect on the map began to take shape line. Still later, these lines became more – they are fixed along the Amur river. The line probably indicate the tunnels, which were very deep tunnels like the one where the boy fell. And near the entrances are the same ducts or small old houses.

Khabarovsk journalist Konstantin Pronyakin, talk later Efimenko, wrote that in one of these houses (it was called a military warehouse — approx. ed.), situated on Komsomolskaya str., 8, there is a cellar, covering the entrance to the cave.

«Armed with a flashlight, Efimenko went downstairs and found the military factory collection of hisaranou and access to the river (the shells to the shells floated down the Amur from the factory «daldizel» and no one could guess that in the center of the city, opened the production of chemical warfare agents). And next was the hatch leading deeper. Go down to the dungeon Explorer did not, it required climbing equipment», — wrote Pronyakin.

All anything, not getting into the hands of Mikhail Efimenko the capital of the far East from space. His alleged special machine that has the ability to see through the earth, water, and other obstacles, made a NASA satellite. On this picture the seeker has spotted suspicious objects, fixed at the bottom of the Amur.

«My experience in the design of residential areas (Efimenko, being an architect, was part of the Commission in the dungeons of the regional Ministry, which was headed by the main architect of edge Yury zhivetiev — approx. ed.) tells us that at the bottom of the river – not the chaotic web of lines, and clearly rozplanowany structure of some buildings, with streets and half alleys,» — said Mikhail Efimenko Pronyakin.

Based on the arguments Efimenko the legend, and it may be true that everyone is afraid to admit. According to her, in the area of the Creek at the bottom of the Amur river as the lost world of Atlantis lies far East of the mysterious underground city, covered by glass dome and the artificial body of water hidden from view of people.

«We can only assume that for the construction of the city tunnel builders had to divert the river to the side. I think no wonder the river is now out from Khabarovsk, and was trying to run away from the city, via the canal Penzenskoy. There its historical course and is man-made — which allowed the river to the city and tunnel from the curious looks,» admitted the press Efimenko.

Under the assumptions of the seeker, built the underwater centre from basalt volcanic rock taken from a quarry on the Kiya river in the village of Pereyaslavka. There are milestones of a civilization, namely traces of the unusual processing of stones – they seemed to have burning very hot beam. Efimenko said that while the stones may be cut, because they were solidified after the volcanic eruptions of lava, which crumbled, until it gradually hardened.

However, who owned a now abandoned quarry and what Nations were engaged in the construction of the underground city is not known. All this, according to Efimenko, indicates a life of another civilization and leads to a different history to other locations.

Just a question about the city under the city, forcing interested people every time to make futile attempts to unravel the mystery of «the far Eastern Atlantis» or something to justify the existence of underground tunnels, remains open. Khabarovsk digger Anatoly Matvienko, for example, says that urban legend that tells of the tunnels in the Amur river, very old.

«Satellite pictures show that under the river there is a huge void of regular geometric shape. It is believed that, thanks to them, the whites left the city unnoticed in the Civil war. There are rumors that in the deepest galleries of the NKVD executioners shot repressed.»

Other diggers did mercilessly rip away the mystical curtain, claiming that the secret tunnels under the river and those under the house on the street Komsomol, open Efimenko, some of which, he wrote, were in the underground factories of the chemical industry, working under Khabarovsk during the great Patriotic war, nothing like fiction.

«Long enough in the circles of fans of extreme and underground all-is unknown, there is polomit about underground military chemical plant near the center of the city. Got this information from an easy hand of the architect-archaeologist Mikhail Efimenko. There was even specified a specific address to look for the entrance to the ventilation shaft. And so, as a result of our research, we came to a group of Vladivostok diggers who by chance managed to solve this mystery. According to them, this is a bomb shelter 40 years of construction. To get inside failed due to the fact that the premises are flooded. It is not a chemical plant, because next was the 24th aircraft repair plant (now dismantled, surviving the workshop was in the spring of 2001, the fire that destroyed the archive, the building sold and protected)».

However, underground passages, said once «Komsomolskaya Pravda» war does exist, but all the facts about them – strategic information, which do not need to disclose.

And until the truth will be revealed, refuted, or confirmed facts, and also identified the evidence, the festival will continue to be interested in secret «Atlantis of the far East», through underground ways where ghosts of Japanese prisoners of war, immured in the walls of the tunnels under the regional capital.

Text: Alexander Miller


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