An unusual phenomenon in the form of three night the pillars of light were photographed by driver from Oh

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A resident of Ohio late in the evening of 13 March 2018 was driving on some highway, probably in the suburbs (the exact name of the place is not specified), when at the right hand of him he saw from the sky came three light beam.

Необычное явление в виде трех ночных столбов света заснял водитель из Огайо

At first Justin thought it was something on the windshield, may be dirt or debris, but after a few passed and I saw these light rays are partially block by the trees, I realized that this is something real.

The rays come from the sky out of nowhere and end up not reaching the ground. The phenomenon in the video lasted about a minute and then the rays began to fade and disappeared completely. Driver all this time was driving down the road in the same direction.

The spotlights from the ground it does not seem possible in the light of the moon in such an unusual way passed through the low clouds. There are of course assumptions about the rays of the UFO.

Rays are seen behind the trees after 0.30 seconds


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