The Titanic was swapped before departure

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The infamous cruise liner the Titanic wreck in the North Atlantic on the morning of 15 April 1912, could substitute before the departure. The author of the book «Titanic: the Ship that never sank» by Robin Gardiner believes that in fact the sunken vessel is not a «Titanic» and «Olympic» — another ship-twin, in addition to the «Britannica».

Титаник подменили перед отплытием

In his opinion, the Olympic was damaged in 1911 when it was rammed by the British armored cruiser «hawke» at the time as «Titanic» and «Olympic» have made joint parallel swimming. However, according to Gardiner, in the collision was charged with «Olympic». Insurers White Stars refused to pay compensation for the damage. At that time, the plane made only four trips-and if he really was to blame for the incident, the company would have suffered huge losses.

Thus, Robin argues that the company has exchanged the damaged «Olympic» the new «Titanic» was soon to sail to new York. The company decided to get rid of the insurance payment and to prove that allegedly «rammed» the ship is not actually damaged. As evidence was presented intact «Titanic» and the requirement of compensation with the company’s «Hawk».

However, the blogger miles of Strength on his YouTube channel exposed this idea, noting that the ships were differences in design and Windows that could be seen. According to him, it would take time to bring «Titanic» back to a hundred percent similarity with the «Olympic».

According to the Force at the crash site was discovered the propeller belonging to it «Titanic», the newspaper reports Dailystar. In addition, netizens were skeptical of this assumption of the writer, noting that this may be a «double bluff, a book and a documentary was created to discredit and hide the truth».


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