People with Rh(–) – aliens?

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Studies of foreign scientists confirm that in people with Rh(–) is really a lot different from Homo sapiens with a positive RH factor. Some researchers even believe this to be proof of extraterrestrial origin «minus».

Люди с Rh(–) – инопланетяне?

People with Rh(–) – aliens?

The most famous promoter of this version – an American researcher brad Steiger. However, Steiger specializiruetsya more on prehistoric archaeology, which tries to associate with the paranormal.

Using the results of the latest research hematologists, brad Steiger came to the conclusion that people with a negative RH factor or descended from another branch of «Homo sapiens» (with its line DNA) than everyone else, or their ancestors, and all the representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. Steiger asked the question: if people evolved from apes, then why do all primates Rh(+), and people have more and Rh(–)?

What is special about «RH negative»?

According to the observations of hematologists, about a third of all owners of Rh(–) have certain nationalities – such RH factor is more common in Jews, Spanish Basque, Ethiopians and Ethiopian Jews, the Samaritans. The representatives of other Nations, it is negligible, of the order of percent.

Blood Rh(–) is missing a protein that protects the body from bacteria, provoking the appearance of a number of diseases, so «negative» have less immunity. Such people are more heat-loving and restrained, than the owners of Rh(+). The intellectual level they have a slightly higher observed that different mages, shamans and healers – people with negative RH factor. «Negative» are not suitable for cloning. Pregnant woman with Rh(–) risks not to carry the baby – the body rejects it, resulting to mothers during pregnancy will be useful to pass spacechina.

As sick than patients with Rh(–)

Three years ago the Czech scientists have published data on the frequency and gradation of human disease with Rh(–) in comparison with patients with Rh(+). The results showed that in this case different gender character. For example, it became aware of such noteworthy features: men’s Rh(–) more prone to mental disorders, allergies, anemia. They often have liver problems, the «negative» men are more prone to infectious diseases and osteoporosis.

However, men with Rh (–) blood protein RhD, less problems with digestion, gall bladder, enlarged prostate, warts, certain types of cancer, they also occur less frequently.

Women with Rh(–) often suffer from psoriasis, type 2 diabetes, infectious diseases of the urinary tract, scoliosis, and suffer from a lack of vitamin B. however, they are less prone to mental disorders, dermatoses, diseases that are treated by otolaryngologists.

«Negative» people, according to the observations of hematologists, a little more susceptible to diseases of the cardiovascular, respiratory and immune systems, yet their body more effectively «beats» of a viral infection. All the matter in the presence (and absence) in the blood of the RhD protein, which people have Rh(+) and absent in Homo sapiens with Rh(–).

Scientists believe that the difference in susceptibility of organisms with different RH factors of blood to various diseases, although not significant, but still there. However, the nature and function of RhD protein hematologists haven’t figured out yet.

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