Slavic MAG Radomir ready to Wake up

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Славянский маг Радомир готов пробудиться

This statement was made by Professor Valery Chudinov, who from the beginning was a party to explore this surprising finding is the sarcophagus with the incorruptible body of the magician of Slavic Radomir.

The message that in Iran, archaeologists have found a unique tomb with the body of the magician Radomir that appeared 9 years ago. The news came as a shock to the entire scientific world: the fact that the body was found the mage remained incorrupt and preserved biological activity. And this despite the fact that Radomir had died over a thousand years ago .

Found the body of Radomir was quite by accident during the digging of the pit under construction next. Workers during this surgery came upon the ruins of an ancient temple, in which were three of the sarcophagus. In one of them and rested MAG Radomir. Near the body in the sarcophagus archaeologists found a vintage book, a unique map of the Slavic lands and Golden statues.

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Says doctor of philosophic Sciences Valery Chudinov, the body in the tomb is still in the stage of hibernation, and therefore it is possible that the magician could awaken at any moment and rise from a temporary «prison» (a coffin is somehow indecent to even call it that).

Why the scientist believes that the Slavic mage Wake up now? In this world nothing is casual, now just comes the critical time when all shows us the beginning of fundamental changes in the world. And according to legend, the world will change for the better after you Wake up 4 ancient mage, which is centuries in suspended animation. And MAG Radomir is one of them. Where are the others, we don’t know, but it’s not even important: everything will be fulfilled in its own time and as prescribed from above.

Video: magician of Slavic Radomir ready to Wake up

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