Mysterious creature found in the Philippines

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Загадочное существо обнаружили на Филиппинах

The fetid remains of a huge shaggy creature washed ashore in the Philippine province of Oriental Mindoro. The 6-foot corpse did not look like a whale, and the locals don’t even know what to think. The villagers, who became the authors of such unusual findings, suggest that that’s a bad sign .

Some of them believe they have discovered an unknown deep-sea creature has washed ashore in some cataclysm. Other Filipinos believe that we are talking about bad religious omen. Another people say that the mysterious stinking carcass appeared here not from the ocean but from a parallel world unknown to us. She, they say, and does not smell on earth…

The remains were examined by experts from the nearest University. The scientists took samples and promised to very carefully study them. However, men of science do not hurry to say that this is one big body. They suggest that on the beach could bear the accumulation of rotting seaweed and small marine organisms – a kind of colony.

Anyway, unusual news has managed to circumnavigate the entire world wide web. World cryptozoology interested in the discovery of Filipinos, confident that in front of us is still something outside the ordinary. And it’s still the remains of a living creature. No wonder they say that the oceans hide from a man a lot of amazing secrets, including mysterious creatures. You imagine that even in a relatively small Loch ness inhabits a fantastic monster that no one can not catch even okay to take video. And in many other lakes of the world hidden many such miracles. And then – the oceans! Yes, we can’t solve even a small fraction of its countless mysteries and puzzles…

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