The American scientist said that the alien ships can change shape and structure

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Американский ученый рассказал, что инопланетные корабли могут менять форму и структуру

American specialist emery Smith revealed sensational details of his work in a secret lab under ground. According to him, there were a lot of alien machines of production, on which he conducted various studies.

Smith admitted that during the cooperation with the organization he has studied more than three thousand artifacts created by the hands of the representatives of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations. He was able to determine, for example, that the aliens to control their spacecraft using DNA. These devices have fantastic abilities to quickly change the structure, turning the liquid to a solid. The most surprising revelation of the scientist is that these technologies, as it turned out, was known for a very long time, but from the public were carefully hidden.

Emery Smith began to talk about this, slightly hoping that the government of the United States of America will cease to deceive mankind, and will reveal the secret of the existence of other life forms and possession of amazing technology. They will provide a unique opportunity to create sources of limitless energy and will to fight terrible diseases that are currently considered to be either incurable or difficult to treat.

Naturally, the authorities will deny everything said Smith, even if it is true. It’s easier to accuse someone of insanity or an attempt to discredit the government than to reveal the most guarded secrets.

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