In ancient times the Earth had many moons, but they either fell down or flew into space

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The moon was the only satellite of the Earth – to such conclusion the group of European and Israeli astronomers. Numerous small satellites arose in the period of formation of our planet, but was very short-lived, according Mir24 with reference to the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

В древности у Земли было много лун, но они или упали вниз или улетели в космос

According to prevailing theory, the Moon appeared after the Earth’s collision with an unknown protoplanets called Thea.

Scientists have suggested that such a cosmic catastrophe occurred repeatedly, and hence to earth orbit were a lot of «protestation». The researchers modeled the process of their formation and the gravitational interaction with the Earth and with each other.

The calculations showed that the small body merged into larger objects. After that they either were thrown out of orbit or fall to the Ground.

«Lunapad», according to astronomers, was influenced by the Geology of the Earth, and the speed of rotation of the planet. They occurred about four billion years ago, but traces still can be found in the earth’s crust – for example, small differences in the isotope content.

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