On Mars discovered the statue in a pointy hat

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На Марсе обнаружили статуэтку в остроконечной шляпе

Taiwanese Scott Waring, a known UFO research, has made another curious discovery. The researcher looked at the pictures of the red planet taken by the Rover «Curiosity», and noticed one of the photos something that look suspiciously like a statue .

Its height, said the expert, is not more than 40 inches, making noticing this artifact is pretty difficult. I was just lucky, said virtual archaeologist.

Skeptics, of course, argue that this is a common parabolicheskie illusion (I wonder if any of these doubters knew this definition before the era of virtual archaeological research from the restless ufologists?).

Waring, however, continues to prove that Mars is inhabited by beings that create such amazing sculptures. Or, at least, on the red planet, there was such a civilization in the past.

Taiwanese UFO researcher also notes that NASA will deny the existence of extraterrestrial intelligence, and it’s not even the pose of the materialistic scientists, and state line, which the American space Agency to cross just don’t have the right. Not casually about UFOs and aliens some of them dare to speak only when he was «former» and quite old, when, as they say, the man is not afraid of anything…

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