Life on Mars was killed

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Жизнь на Марсе была убита

27 Sep 2012 with a sensational statement was made by scientists from NASA (the English name of the Federal government departments USA). According to the NASA American Rover found on Mars traces of the former stream dried up thousands of years ago, located near the Martian crater «Gale». This meant that at the same time together with water in the distant period, could exist and live organic matter. What happened on Mars about a million years ago? Some global catastrophe has turned the planet into a lifeless desert? Is it possible that some forms of organic life that once lived on Mars, survived and are hiding in the bowels of the planet?

The world’s scientists exploring the obtained data of the red planet, came to the conclusion that about 800 thousand years ago a giant alien space body powerfully struck the Martian atmosphere and the planet’s surface to the very core. As a result, on Mars there is a sharp change of magnetic poles. The magnetosphere disappeared, which served as a protective barrier of the planet from deadly cosmic radiation. Living organisms can survive in such conditions, only hiding from the destructive rays of the Cosmos in the deep layers is significantly below the Martian surface.

Two planets — Mars and Earth separated by 68 millions of kilometers of space, have shared a mysterious connection. Both planets located in the zone of life, that is optimal for the development of living beings distance from the Sun. In addition, they have nearly the same astronomical parameters. Unlike other solid bodies in the Universe, only the Earth and a little bit of Mars has a magnetic field. It protects all life on our planet from cosmic radiation. Similar atmospheres of these planets are composed of the same gases, with the exception of oxygen, the prevailing on Earth.

Even remotely similar reliefs: mountains and plains, rivers and the sea. Only our planet is filled with water, the main source of biological life, and on the red planet was only a dried up riverbed, or water remained frozen in the icy peaks of giant mountains. A vivid example can be transmitted from artificial satellites with the orbit of Mars decoded data of spectral analysis of an impact crater «Hellas», which is of colossal dimensions, which was formed as a result of collision with a huge celestial body. The space images and the spectrogram showed the presence of water in the solid state, i.e. ice.

All the indicators from the planet Mars suggests that life there was killed. Scary apocalyptic forces from Space as if turned Martian «cradle», breaking the cradle of life. From powerful blow even changed the trajectory of the orbit of Mars, she became more elongated. The axis of rotation disturbed the red planet still writes chaotic movements, resembling whirling Yuly. The result is quite often surface carried by gusts of dusty red storms that sweep the layers of ash with iron and stone ruins resembling the destroyed city buildings.

The photographs received from the space satellites of Mars, running with the Land, show the remnants of streamlined high-tech buildings and signs once existed a highly developed civilization. The space images clearly distinguish the objects of right cylindrical shape, which could not be created by natural means. And they are connected to each other smooth rectilinear trenches, stretching for several kilometers. Hundreds of scientists on Earth scratching their head over their origin, trying to understand their purpose.

In the Martian region «Sidonia» by satellites and the Mars Rover has discovered mysterious artifacts in the form of dozens of right pyramids. The resolution of modern optical technology allows you to accurately set the geometry and dimensions of the detected objects, rasing doubts as to their artificial creation. The height of some of them reaches 500 meters, and at the base side length reaches two kilometres. These dimensions, ten times greater than the earth pyramids of Egypt, excite the imagination.

Martian elevation oriented to the North pole of the planet. They are strictly ordered with respect to each other, lying perfectly at right angles. It is clearly well visible from above, and shown by researchers on a special map of Mars. Almost next to the pyramids is intriguing «face the Martian Sphinx», the size of half a kilometer. The first picture with his image were obtained in 1976 the American spacecraft «Viking», and thirty years later, repeat scans of the Sphinx was made by another space satellite «Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter». Publication of footage of this photo shoot has caused a wave of various scientific hypotheses about the existence of life on Mars.

In early 2012, the American astronomers have made an incredible discovery. The European space Agency probe has detected in the Martian atmosphere, a special gas – methane, which is formed only by the decay of organic substances, plants or living organisms. Moreover, the methane breaks down quickly in ultraviolet sunlight, and so, on the planet there are sources of regularly renewable. Now scientists with full confidence can assert that on the red planet there is an as yet unknown earthlings hidden form of life.

Mankind has always sought to get to Mars. In orbit of the red planet with varying degrees of success long fly spacecraft with almost all of the earth’s developed countries. Received hundreds of high-quality images of the Martian surface, in which people do not cease to look carefully, to once again see the slightest detail, confirming the existence of Martian civilization. Grounders don’t give up hope to find brothers on reason in the huge space of eternal silence.

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