The story of the warlock James Bruce

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In the mid-seventeenth century, when England raised the banner of the Great revolution, a descendant of Scottish kings, Bruce went to Moscow to seek his fortune in the service of the Russian Tsar. Fortune favored the desperate Scotsman he succeeded, he headed at the behest of the Russian sovereign Pskov regiment.

История чернокнижника Якова Брюса

In 1680 the rank of major-General Bruce retired and ended his life, leaving a society of the son of Vilim. The son faithfully served the Russian throne, was promoted to the rank of Colonel, but was killed at the storming of the fortress of Azov. His two sons, Roman and Jacob, did not quit the service under the Russian banners, and one of them — James — gloriously succeeded and even became the king’s favorite.

James Bruce Jr. came to Moscow service at the age of 14 years. By participating in the Crimean campaigns of the favourite of tsarevna Sophia V. V. Golitsyn, he had to know the taste of war before his rendezvous with Peter.

When at a critical period of the Royal feuds, Peter fled to the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, Bruce along with Potemkin, the ancestor of the famous conqueror of the Crimea, followed by the king, and in the future fate has repeatedly brought together the faithful servant with the Emperor: he again, under the leadership of Peter, fought under the Azov, then in 1697, the Grand Embassy visited Amsterdam, was opposed by the Swedes at Narva until the end of his days remained a faithful servant of the king. Died J. W. Bruce, 1735 66-m to year of life.

The people even before the passing of the courtier arose a lot of rumors about his mysterious fate, and skills. After the construction in Moscow of the Sukharev tower among Muscovites who spread the rumor about settled in her evil power. At night in the Windows of the tower people have noticed strange flickering lights.

История чернокнижника Якова Брюса

Said a friend of the king F. J. Lefort was organized by it society of eight people who were in favor of the devil doing magic, astrology, spiritualism, astronomical calculations, and thus unleash all sorts of dark forces.

Society members, called the Neptune, was considered and of the king together with the favourite Menshikov. It was and James Bruce. After the death of Lefort, Bruce led the magic society, and is firmly established in the Sukharev tower. Subsequently, there were reports that he was fond not so much witchcraft as the observations of the stars, but the dark halo around his name preserved for a long time.

After the death of James Bruce began to dismantle his library in the tower. Among the books found in «Philosophy of mysticism» in German, «Sky new» in Russian and some other, strengthened their owner the glory of the warlock. But the main book Bruce could not be found.

From this book, as people used to say, warlock learned about past and upcoming events and miraculous medicines. Fearing that after his death, the book may fall into the wrong hands, the sorcerer trapped it in the walls of the tower and with their enchantments brought to the tower elemental forces, finally killing her.

Serfs Bruce told me that their master, the king «arithmetic», knows all the stars, knows the marsh waters to make a living, one is roots and herbs, mountain stones, it’s easy at a glance to count how many abandoned to grind corn seeds and know how much speed will make the wheel of the cart has come before from St. Petersburg to Kiev. And even the death of the master was not the will of God, and witchcraft.

Cooked, it turns out that the master of the magic drink, and ordered to chop up yourself into small pieces, and then abundantly watered them cooked drink. When its mandate was fulfilled, he came to life again, and no wounds on the body had. The king, learning of this atrocity, they became furious and ordered warlock to bury so that for all time to save the earth from evil forces, and all his books and potions to burn.

Later legend about Jacob Bruce was reflected in the literature. In the works of writers, the image of the magician has got the similarity with the Royal sage, as he imagined people in their folklore.

After his death, Bruce was born the belief that he did not die, and flew to God knows where on the airship. The game is human imagination has given rise to the emergence of a new creepy assumptions about the fate and Affairs of the mysterious courtier.

История чернокнижника Якова Брюса

История чернокнижника Якова Брюса

In real life James Bilimovich Bruce was a man of sceptical and in anything supernatural did not believe. There is a legend that the king, showing him the incorruptible relics of saints, heard from Bruce a perfectly simple explanation for what he saw: the cause of preservation of human remains is a dry climate, especially the composition of soil, embalming and fosteriana life of the deceased.

And yet his name became associated with the supernatural and unearthly forces in the world. Although perhaps this connection was due not only to the intelligence and culture of Bruce.

History is silent on exactly how 14-year-old Scion of the serving gentleman was able to get an education and to learn various in-depth knowledge. What prompted him to lead a solitary life? How could an unusual craving for secret state of her husband?

It is also unknown why after the destruction of the Church in the former German quarter, where he was buried, Y. V. Bruce, his remains were transferred to the laboratory of M. M. Gerasimov to restore the appearance of the warlock, disappeared, and around the former home of Bruce in Glinki, as the neighbors say, appears the Ghost of the legendary sage.

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