A weapon against the aliens

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Оружие против пришельцев

The space race and the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union – known events, the official purpose of which was to advance the state of the opponent in the exploration and colonization of space and the creation of new types of weapons. However, in this process, there were many oddities, thought-provoking thinking about the fact that the two States was preparing for war with each other, and a kind of threat posed by external, alien forces.

Space exploration

From the beginning of the space age exploration of the alien outer space was not because of pure scientific curiosity, and for military purposes. All the achievements in this area belong primarily to the military, as dominance in space and allows to quickly strike at the enemy, effectively monitor the situation in enemy territory, to reflect the impact.

An important fact is that among the cosmonauts from the Soviet Union and the United States, the vast majority were soldiers. After the first flight of man into space, 2 States with a vengeance continued the space race. Visited in orbit, the astronauts confirmed that it is possible to perform all tasks relating to the war, so work on orbiters and experiments were continued.

In 1963, in space, was sent to the ship «Flight 1», which practiced maneuvers in different orbits. As for the famous «Fireworks», there is evidence that, at least, half of them were equipped with special guns with a high rate of fire in case of attack by enemy forces, that sounded very strange. The official motives for the militarization of space is concerned the military-political situation and domination in near-earth space. However, there is reason to believe that the world powers were preparing for war with the alien invaders.

The development of space weapons

To confront the enemy in space has developed different types of weapons. The most famous is nuclear, but it has some drawbacks, besides, it is unknown how effective it would be against alien invaders.

One more variety of weapons that could be used to counter the threat from the outside, was a laser gun. It is known that development in this area was conducted in the US programme of missile defence.

In addition, a little-known fact is the test of United States unmanned space plane whose purpose would be to destroy targets in orbit and on the surface of the planet. Its prototype was designed back in the 60’s of the last century, while in 2010, went into space improved model. Her tests were very successful, camera after the flight returned to the Earth without any emergency situations. But, for the purpose of use of the aircraft, this was in the Pentagon do not give information.

In addition, in the Soviet Union were working on biological weapons that would be dangerous for people, but destructively acted on alien life-forms. The work was complicated by the fact that of the potential enemy was not known almost nothing, so they had to take into account too many factors.

The most surprising development, according to rumors created in the USSR was a nuclear weapon, but not easy, and that it was possible to run in the past. Some researchers believe that when Stalin conducted a tight research time. Have achieved some success, and such that the guide was scared of the consequences and shut down the project and all documents and witnesses were mercilessly destroyed.

Alien expansion

There is speculation that the seizure of Land by strangers has already begun. This unusual theory holds a number of researchers. Despite all her strangeness, she still has a right to exist, as supporters cite a number of facts confirming it.

The main of them is «list of Sheldon», compiled by writer Sidney Sheldon. This list includes more than 3 dozen dead scientists involved in the development of weapons that could counter the alien threat. Besides, they are all tightly studied the UFO problem. A series of strange deaths occurred in the period from 1986 to 1987 and has prompted supporters of the conspiracy to the suspicion of interference in people’s lives outside forces. The researchers involved in this issue, believe that the invasion of our planet has already begun, but it looks not as it is depicted in science fiction films. According to supporters of this theory, the conquest happens gradually, little by little, eliminating those working on space weapons is one of its stages.

It is not known how true this hypothesis, however, it still has a basis. Despite the fact that at the present time about a possible invasion says nothing, his chance is still there, so mankind must be prepared for any eventuality.

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