A resident of Bristol saw Bigfoot, driving past him on the train

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Not unusual when a Yeti (Bigfoot) see in North America, Canada or another country, where many dense and unfrequented forests. But can they live 10 miles from the British city of Bristol?

Житель Бристоля увидел бигфута, проехав мимо него на поезде

A resident of Bristol, who decided to remain anonymous, says that can, and that he had seen this creature when I was traveling on a train to Bristol from Exeter in November last year. Later he contacted a British group of researchers Bigfoot «British Bigfoot Sightings» and told them about his observation. This writes the Bristol Post.

The witness noticed Bigfoot in the early morning, when Bristol was about 10 miles. The train was traveling past the hedges and suddenly the man saw along this fence slowly paces tall hairy creature similar to an APE that walked on two legs.

The man was in the car, but it is unknown whether managed to see Bigfoot the other passengers.

«Besides me there were still 12 people, but they basically had her face buried in their cell phones or reading Newspapers. Except me, nobody seems to have looked out the window, and I watched, as a long time have not traveled by train and I was interested to observe the landscape.»

«I noticed this creature, as we passed agricultural fields, on the edge of which was a hedge, and this being was completely dark, quickly walked on the field near the fence. It was approximately 70 to 100 meters from the train and when I saw it, my eyes were riveted to it. Until the train went too far, I could see how this creature came almost to the edge of the field.»

The witness watched the Bigfoot in a place located between the stations of Nailsea and Yatton. The area has many low-lying wetlands, which are transferred to the hill overgrown with forest, and then begins the territory of the airport of Bristol.

Житель Бристоля увидел бигфута, проехав мимо него на поезде

«It seemed to me that I watched it, but actually it was ten seconds before the train hid him from sight. After that, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I saw. Could it just be a local resident? If Yes, then it was strange behavior, walk on the field at the edge of the fence, almost clinging to the bushes.

Furthermore after about two minutes I saw two more figures, which are rapidly transformed in two ordinary people in coats, walking the dog. It was immediately clear that these people — a man and a woman. But the creature was completely dark and was not like an ordinary person. And compared to these people it seemed a giant».

According to an eyewitness, he was 100% sure that seen this the British Bigfoot. He also said that the creature was a bit unusual gait, slightly bent feet, but it is making big steps.

The name of the British Bigfoot sounds very unusual, especially considering that in the British forests have not remained large predators. There are long exterminated bears, wolves, even wild boars. In this case, there remained a Bigfoot?

However, in the British Isles for many centuries told stories about «wild men» living in the forests. They were called the word «woodwose» and stories about meeting them could be heard and when there killed off the predators. Could this «woodwose» to survive to the present day?

Житель Бристоля увидел бигфута, проехав мимо него на поезде

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