Beer belly men were 12-pound tumor, which he «grew up» 10 years

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For many years 63-year-old Kevin Daly of new Jersey thought that his big belly is a typical «beer belly», but when it lost 34 pounds (15 kg), and his voluminous stomach disappeared the man suspected that something was wrong.

Kevin was afraid that with it something not that and in December 2017, convinced his doctor to send him for a scan. Tomography showed the presence in the stomach of Kevin major of the tumor, larger than a soccer ball. Kevin was diagnosed with liposarcoma. This is a cancerous tumor that develops in fat cells of soft tissues.

Пивной живот мужчины оказался 12-килограммовой опухолью, которую тот "выращивал" 10 лет

This tumor very difficult to diagnose because under the microscope its cells look like fat cells and do not differ from them. If Kevin still hesitated and did not go to the doctor, soon the tumor would have killed him.

Kevin started to lose weight after heart surgery in 2015. It seemed logical that his «beer belly» will be less, but it will not go away. Kevin and his wife began to build different assumptions, one of which was that during the operation the surgeons left in Kevin’s part of the tissue or instruments.

Пивной живот мужчины оказался 12-килограммовой опухолью, которую тот "выращивал" 10 лет

However, it was the only version and to learn precisely, we had to go through a CT scan that was not so easy. The doctor refused at first to carry out this procedure, as it was not included in medical insurance.

Imaging showed that fears Kevin about the tools were in vain, however, they found a much more terrible thing — a huge tumor growing around one of his kidneys. It was the largest of all that I had seen the doctors at the hospital.

«It’s one thing to see it in the picture, but quite another to hold it in their hands», — commented the results of the operation, the surgeon Julio Teixeira.

Пивной живот мужчины оказался 12-килограммовой опухолью, которую тот "выращивал" 10 лет

According to doctors to grow so big (the tumor weighed more than 12 kg), the tumor had to grow for at least 10-15 years. But now Kevin’s all over. He is doing better and his belly is now in normal form, and all of the displaced tumor of the intestines back into place.

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