Observation of huge winged creatures in Quebec in December 2017

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Recently the American researcher phantoms and monsters Heart Strickler wrote an eyewitness from Canada. According to Lona, he last year monitors the observation of flying cryptids in Quebec, Ontario and upstate new York and these observations he had accumulated well.

Earlier (from spring 2017) such a surge of sightings of big flying humanoid came to him from Chicago and its environs.

Now, the girl-witness under the initials P. S. described that in December 2017 he went with his friend to visit for the holidays to his grandmother in the countryside in Quebec near the town Nude Richmon and Saint-Edgar.

Наблюдение огромного крылатого существа в Квебеке в декабре 2017 года

«Me and my friend took the car to grandma and drove her to town. There are not many places to experience, mostly people just get drunk and go race on a winding road, while their families cheer them on. In General there is an accident, and in addition often on the road flying reindeer.

In General, imagine that we are out of town and go down this road, floating through her laughter. We drove almost to the end of the road, shortly you should see the house, and then from behind a tree to the right of us flying something big and dark. The headlights only illuminated part of the road and it was hard to see anything but the swinging trees, but we saw.

He had huge black wings that were wrapped around his body like a «blanket» (like the sleeping bats). On the background of a very dark sky, his silhouette almost merged with the sky, but we saw that his body was massive. It was kind of like a moose with wings and four legs. But it certainly wasn’t an elk or deer!

Here’s my guy quickly went on the road, we were not fooling around and drifted, we just wanted to get home. My boyfriend refused to believe that this creature was uncanny. He said that maybe it was a huge owl. The biggest owl in the world. I told him that if he ever found an owl the size of a car (and it’s exactly the size it was), then it won’t be a night owl.

I haven’t thought about this case until until I got the audiobook of horror stories about skinwalkers (Skinwalkers — in the myths of the Indians are something like werewolves, evil creatures of the night). And I thought that what we saw with my friend, could be a mysterious cription. Maybe it was something like the Man-Moth» or the Jersey devil».

LON Strickler responded to this letter and asked a few additional questions. He also wrote the eyewitness about what Quebec has already received a few messages about seeing a huge winged monster. She wrote to him again.

«Oh my God, there were other people who saw it? The road near Nude Richmon is called Chemin Mercier, it is long enough, especially if covered with snow. The wingspan of this creature was 15-20 feet (4.5-6 meters) and they were not leathery, but more like the wings of a bird.

The body compared with the wing span wasn’t very big and I can’t tell if it is humanoid (like a human). It was very dark. I can only say that at the height it was much more than wide and seems to be standing on two limbs. That’s all. I didn’t see the hands or face, and did not see his eyes.»

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