The curse of Chiang Mai

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In the summer of 1991 panic gripped the city of Chiang Mai, the second largest city of Thailand. Then they spread rumors that the town is cursed.

It all began in 1986. One construction firm has proposed to build a cableway that would connect the city with the ancient temple on the top of the sacred mountain. The monks were infuriated; they were supported by the students, collected 20 thousand signatures for the petition.

Проклятие города Чиангмай

There were lots of people. The pilots of the Royal air force was assured, though, flying over the city, saw the monks, «sitting on the cloud in Lotus position». However, encouraged by the prospect of the builders have already started construction of modern apartment buildings and hotels. Said, if it is not a threat to the geophysical balance of the area.

Realizing that it was not in forces to prevent the building, people decided to give their abusers the evil spirits.

In August 1989, held a mass demonstration. To awaken the spirits, the townspeople carried different symbols of failure (e.g. broken crockery), and the women mocked the sacred sutras. Suddenly darkened the sky; three times flashed the dazzling lightning. Three days later, the city experienced a strong earthquake. The population was convinced: it’s raised up evil spirits.

In April 1991, a hurricane uprooted century-old Bodhi tree in the temple Suan Dok. In early may, when usually the monsoon, rice paddies were still dry. The real estate market collapsed. Was abolished all new projects. The Governor promised to stop the construction of skyscrapers.

In late may, the crashed «Boeing»; killed thirteen high-ranking officials, among them the Governor and his wife. Four days later, died the Abbot of one of the Buddhist monasteries of Chiang Mai.

People began EN masse to leave the damn city. There was only one: to appease the angry spirits.

«They possess such power,— has explained Mani Pujongang, Professor of education Chiang Mai University and a former monk, that to remove the spell can only be very powerful tools».

City officials have appointed a Manager Pejompongan ceremony to tame the spirits.

Проклятие города Чиангмай

Sunrise June 8, 1991 women brought to the main gate of the city trays with sacrificial offerings (costs are assumed by banks and construction companies). Fish, raw meat, bamboo shoots, fruits, sugar cane and Manila cigars laid out on banana leaves in seven different parts of Chiang Mai.

The most luxurious offering was placed at the intersection of roads, where in 1311 lightning struck the city founder, king Meng Paradise. «We ask the spirits to taste our dishes and to leave the city,» called out Professor Mani Pujongang.

At five o’clock one hundred and eight monks began to sing sutras to dispel spells.

«This has nothing to do with superstition, said during a lecture at the University by another Professor, it’s All about our relationship with nature. Technical progress erodes our roots. An ancient curse has forced the authorities to think about the environment.»

As soon as the monks finished singing as there was rain. And when the offerings brought to the river to throw her in the water, the sky cleared and the sun illuminated the city.

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