In school in the Philippines, there was a strange incident when the disciples saw a bloody Ghost

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Students from the school in Palawan in the Philippines was suspended after several students became «obsessed with the evil spirit.» The children began to say that they see the Ghost of a woman, which was all covered with blood. About this site reports GMA News Online.

Elementary school students in Palawan. Thematic photo

В школе на Филиппинах произошел странный инцидент, когда ученики видели кровавый призрак

It all happened early in the morning last Thursday during a lesson. Affected by the evil forces of the children immediately sent classes to the Catholic Church, to reassure them in case of deterioration of the spent on them the rite of exorcism.

Information about the incident told Centred Calamba, which was associated with the school Director, Vicente Suddenly. He told reporters that at first only the two children began to say that they see a bloody Ghost, but then they became much more. In addition, students began to behave strangely, which gave occasion to others to speak about their obsession with the evil forces.

Teachers and members of school management greatly frightened the behavior of the children, especially the strange language in which they started to talk. Possessed children also said that bloody Ghost always wants to come to know him better.

Before the children were sent to the Church, the school and the priests contacted their parents and got their permission to the right to give affected children a sedative to calm them down. After the children recovered, it was decided that the worst is over and they were allowed to take home.

Other classes that day were released from classes and sent home, because teachers are afraid that other children will become obsessed. Repeated afterwards the incident and how to handle affected children the next day, not reported.

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