Walking carriers of trouble

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There are people that say they were born under an unlucky star. Trouble hurled at them as from a cornucopia. Another would life enough misfortunes that loser is going through for the year. But there are people which occur as if by selective, purposeful trouble. It’s always the same. And the talk here of blind coincidences is simply not necessary.

This was, for example, the grandfather of the great poet George Byron, Vice-Admiral of the English fleet, John Byron. From fellow sailors, he was nicknamed «Byron bad weather.»

And it was for that. There was not a single case where he had to swim under a clear sky. Even if overhead the sun was shining, it immediately hid behind the storm clouds, as soon as his ship put out to sea.

Ходячие носители неприятностей And rain started, which didn’t stop long voyage.

As a result, Vice-Admiral, he’s been in accidents, and many ships had the misfortune to swim with him, was just killed in the abyss.

I got the impression John Byron was drawn to the storm clouds.

Even more unique «storehouse» of trouble, as evidenced by the St. Petersburg researcher A. Savenkov, was one of eighteen members of the command of the schooner «Mermaid», which in October, 1829, sailed from the port of Sydney.

Who it was is unknown, but probably he himself did not know that it will bring its sailors are in trouble. But it is possible with high probability to say that a man on the schooner was.

The ship went by Tarasovym Strait, heading to the Gulf of Rafls. Between Australia and New Guinea, in an area very dangerous for shipping, came in a thick fog, and sat down on the reefs. The ship sank in minutes, but people survived on the bare rocks without food and water remained fretting for three days.

On the fourth they were picked up by a passing barque «Switch» with a team of fourteen people. For his trouble picked up: two days later in very similar circumstances, it struck underwater rocks and sank. Now, on a tiny island, again-TA-Ki without food and water, were in poverty for two teams with two captains. And again, they were lucky: they were soon taken on Board the schooner «Governor For» coming to Papua. People cheered, especially the «Mermai Yes»: they would survive two disasters! Now nothing bad will happen.

As it is not so! As soon as the boat departed from the island, it was a fire. A few hours, all three teams fought the fire, but to no avail. Had to leave the dying ship, and three boats in treacherous voyage began now 64 people with three captains.

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And again, they were lucky. Soon, all the distress picks up a warship «Comet.» His sailors hear the story with understandable disbelief: such incredible coincidences simply can not be. It turns out, can. Suddenly a storm came up, which are famous for the breadth, and reliable, it would seem that the ship sank. Among the surging waves on four overloaded boats 18 hours drifted 85 sailors and four captains.

And again they were saved. A small sailboat «Jupiter» had placed all of the victims. Among them was obviously one that attracted misfortune. And «Jupiter» happened «Mermaid» and «Switch»: broke the bottom on the reef, and now on the slippery rocks was 123 sailors and five captains.

Only on the sixth time fate took pity on the miserable. A passing schooner «city of Leeds» with 100 passengers picked up by all participants in this unique series of disasters and brought them to Australia.

Ходячие носители неприятностей

What are the causes of a fatal bad luck or the rare luck? On this issue its judgement, a doctoral student at the St. Petersburg Institute of fine mechanics and optics Konstantin Korotkov, who spent many years studying the phenomenon called, «paranormal».

— Now in the world of science is approved by the opinion that nothing happens by chance, — says Konstantin Georgievich. But it’s easy to fall into the extreme. If you recognize that all all natural, we come to the Newtonian determinism, according to which everything is determined by God’s will and from the person depends nothing. We believe that the person still affects your destiny. Imagine an ant crawling on the tree. And occasionally gets to the point of branching.

Modern science calls them bifurcation points. And need to make a decision which way to crawl. Either climb down the barrel, or abut in the abyss. So every person on his path of life there are such points. They are not random. They can be called marks of fate. And it depends on us which way we will go. Usually, choosing the direction, we orientirueshsya only at the moment, not knowing what effect our choices through the years, sometimes for decades.

The vast majority of people commit a roughly equal number of errors and make the right decision. So we have a streak alternates with a happy band. But there are people with a deep intuition. They feel where to guide your way. And there are others at every point of bifurcation they choose the wrong direction. It determines lucky and unlucky. And when a person all have no luck, so he goes across the current. I had to watch these people. As well as people who always know where to turn.

So, science is like denying a blind case. Claims that a person chooses destiny. However, this does not explain the examples of the most incredible coincidences of the election, which is not so small in the world’s history. Recently the British newspaper «Sandi Telegraph» drew attention to the fact that some women are «incompatible» with electrical devices. For some reason only women: for men devices do not react, but when approaching the fair sex begin to rebel.

A stunning woman, for example, is Natalie Thomason from Northamptonshire. Scientist demonstrating their «ability», it, without touching the instrument, put out of action 12 of the vacuum cleaner, 10 irons, 5 TVs, 2 microwaves and 3 washing machines. Another woman, Pauline Shaw of Manchester, constantly struggling with its own washing machine. When she tries to customize the machine to the desired program, the fuse melts and the water gushes on the floor.

Another Brit, Andy fry, hear the whisper of the light bulbs is a very inconvenient property, especially in the evening when I want to relax. Astrophysicist Mike Ellis from Oxford University, after a four-year study, found that in the British Isles 600 women have a similar bioelectric negative characteristics.

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Election of randomness is noted as one particular person, group of people, and even natural phenomena. Suffice it to recall the tragic trek of Japanese schoolchildren who, under the guidance of his teachers was climbing a low hill. In the way they were caught in a storm.

In accordance with the rules of the climbing teacher told them to tied a safety rope, one that does not lose in the pouring rain. This group was struck by lightning and struck all of the third in the bundle. The first, third, sixth, ninth… why such horrible discrimination? What is the mathematical relationship between the formidable natural phenomenon and a bunch of climbers? It undoubtedly exists, this connection, but that’s the nature of her until nepoznan.

We have already mentioned that there are people that are marked, so to speak, printing of electoral luck. On the schooner «city of Leeds» was probably a member of the team that ultimately saved everyone else. But all the records beat the old lady from Lodz, which trumpeted a Polish newspaper in the mid 60-ies.

This sweet old woman five times in a row won the car in the lottery money and clothing. We can assume that a good intuition allowed her always to correctly identify the direction at bifurcation points. But one day the old lady still made a blunder and it affected the sixth lottery draw.

This time she did not even bother to check the tickets, and immediately went for the win. Imagine her indignation when it turned out that her room is empty. Lady was so convinced she was the victim of some fraud, do not be lazy to go to Warsaw, where he made such a fuss the Director of the Central Bank.

So are there any blind chance, or all of those incredible coincidences — the result of some yet hidden from science laws? I hope for the latter, because in this case scientists will ever be able to identify the laws of fate, and thus learn to control them. Although it is difficult to say whether people are happier, because the fate knowingly conceal from us the future.

In the meantime, as not to remember the wise Maxim of Shakespeare’s hamlet: «In the world, my friend Horatio, there are many things that are dreamed of our sages».

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