Mysteries of the Rosicrucian order

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Rosenkreizers (order of the Rosicrucians, the Rosicrucians «Order of Rose and cross») is a theological and mystical secret society allegedly founded in the late middle ages in Germany by Christian Rosenkreuzer. Contains a doctrine «built on esoteric truths of the ancient», which is «hidden from common man, provide insight into nature, physical universe and spiritual Kingdom», which is partly symbolized by the emblem of the brotherhood of the rose blooming on the cross. The Rosicrucians set themselves objectives in a comprehensive improvement of the Church and the lasting welfare of States and individuals.

Тайны ордена Розенкрейцеров

Between 1607 and 1616 years, was published two anonymous Manifesto, which at first was widely spread in Germany and then throughout Europe. They wore the names of the Fama Fraternitatis RC (the Fame of the brotherhood of RC) and Confessio Fraternitatis (Confession of the brotherhood of RC). Under the influence of these documents, presenting «most venerable Order» of mystic-philosopher-scientists, extends the «worldwide reformation of mankind», the ground is being prepared for movement.

History of Rosicrucian societies dates back to 1378 when, according to legend, was born in Germany, Christian Rosenkreutz. All the details of his biography are known only from the Rosicrucian documents of the early seventeenth century, so it is impossible to say whether there was in fact such a person, or if she had at least a concrete historical prototype.

According to Rosicrucian tradition, outlined in the manifest «Glory of the brotherhood of RC» («Fama Fraternitatis RC»), published between 1607 and 1616 years and declares the existence of a Secret Brotherhood of Alchemists and sages. Christian Rosencreutz describes it as a German scientist and philosopher, a mystic whose name was transcribed as «rose-Cross». Was brought up Christian Rosenkreutz originally in the monastery, and then went on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land. However, the pilgrimage to Jerusalem, he chose fellowship with the sages of Damascus, FEZ and mysterious GamCare. After returning home, about 1407, together with his three disciples, he created the Fraternity of the Rose cross, whose main objective was the attainment of divine wisdom, the disclosure of the Secrets of nature and helping people.

Christian Rosenkreuz died in 1484, and as he had predicted, exactly 120 years his tomb with the secret books, was discovered by members of his Fraternity. The first Rosicrucian documents with a story about the secret Brotherhood and its founder was published anonymously in Europe and caused considerable commotion. Many prominent scientists and philosophers of that time tried to find this mysterious Brotherhood, and, later, some of them claimed that they succeeded.

First Rosicrucians openly declared himself in 1757, when in Frankfurt was established, the Fraternity of Golden Rosicrucians (or the Brotherhood of the Golden and rosy cross). In it, as follows from intersecretarial the publication of the «Rosicrucian Unmasked» (1781) of a «Master of Pianca» was used ten-stage system of initiation, and then taken (with minor changes) by the Society of Rosicrucians in England, the order of the Golden Dawn and the order of the Silver Star.

Under this system, the Order is divided into 10 degrees:
— Zelator (Jealous)
— Juniores (Student);
-Theoricus (Theorist);
— Practicus (Practician);
— Philosophus (Philosopher);
— Adeptus Minor (Adept Jr.);
— Adeptus Major (Major Adept);
— Adeptus Exemptus (Free Adept);
— Magister (Master);
— Magus (Magician);
— Supreme Magus (Archmage).

The origin of the name «Rosicrucians» has always been a topic of debate. Whether it is a direct reference to the crucifixion of Christ? Or is it «associated with red crosses, depicted on the shields of the knights Templar? Perhaps the Rosicrucians are the same the knights Templar simply changed its name after their order was outlawed? Or is the name just derived from the alias Christian Rosenkreutz?

What is to be Rosicrucian, according to the interpretation of the secret society? According to experts involved in the study of the order, Franz Hartmann, author of the book «Symbols of the Rosicrucians»: «a Place or condition in which there is a real Rosicrucian, is too sublime and great, so you try to portray.»

The rules of the Rosicrucians:
-Love God more than anything.
-Devote your time to spiritual development.
-Be unselfish.
-Be self-controlled, modest, active and silent.
-Learn to learn about the origin of the metals enclosed in your body.
-Beware of those who teach what he knows.
Live, constantly admiring the highest good.
-Learn the theory before you try something in practice.
-Be generous and help all beings.
-Read the books of ancient wisdom.
-Try to understand their secret meaning.

There is a twelfth rule, called Arkan, but the rules forbid to talk about it. This rule is open only to those Rosicrucians who deserve it. According to Franz Hartmann, the Lasso «cannot be expressed in the language of mortals, and so it can only be transferred from soul to soul.»

According to the teachings of the Rosicrucians, the main ideology which is built on the principles of Freemasonry, the main divine element on the planet is considered to be a fire that not only is the material phenomenon, but also able to accommodate to your substance knowledge and experience of many generations of people. The fire has a structure similar to a human, and if the parts of man’s Soul, Spirit and Body, the fire consists of a visible flame (body), an invisible, astral fire (soul) and spirit.

The mystical orientation of the Rosicrucians explains the fact that representatives of this order are widely used alchemy and conducted alchemical research, and used many of the alchemical symbols and characters in his writings.

According to the teachings of the Rosicrucians, the universe is divided into seven worlds: the World of God World of Virgin spirit, the World of Divine Light, the World of Life spirit, World of Thought, the World of Desires and the Physical World. Each world consists of seven layers.

Symbol of the order – the cross and the rose, which are considered symbols of fire and light. In this cross, the Rosicrucians see a symbolic image of Adam Kadmon.

Rose and Cross symbolize the Resurrection and Atonement of Christ. This sign is understood as the divine light of the Universe (the rose) and the earthly world of suffering (the cross). Is also understood as a dualistic character (male and female). Directly with this symbol (cross with rose in center), linked to another: the Holy Grail. Under the Grail refers to the chalice with the blood of Jesus, which had been collected by Joseph of Arimathea. This bowl was originally the Christ and the apostles during the last supper. According to legend, when Lucifer was ousted from heaven, from his crown dropped the stone. From this stone, and had a bowl of the last Supper. This gem in some respects symbolises the collective power of the human «I». At the same time man is a cross, like a Cup. This cross should bloom rose – life and love.

Another symbol of the Rosicrucians – the serpent nailed to a T-shaped cross. This means that the dark nature of man (the snake) have to die if the spirit wishes to fulfill their destiny.

At the moment there are three main currents that divided the Rosicrucian order in the second half of the XIX century. It’s an English tradition, was founded in 1866 by Robert Wentworth little and Kenneth Mackenzie; French, which in the late nineteenth century was founded by Stanislav de Guit and Joseph Peladan; and American (founder Spencer Lewis).

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